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How Much Does It Cost to Fix Window Switch?

Published by: Genson
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Automobiles with hand-crank windows are considered outdated. Electrical switches are now used to control windows and doors of cars. Window switch repair is a common repair demand in the market. Hence, it is normal for a car’s window switch to go out of order. Normally, cars have 4 windows and ultimately 4 control switches. A main controller is available with the driver’s window switch which can control all 4 windows and door locks. After several years of use, switches may stop functioning properly. This causes the windows to get stuck at particular position and it becomes difficult or impossible to open or close them. Each window has its own fuse. So, if one fuse gets out of order, it may not affect other window switches, unless fuse disturbs other connections.

Reasons of improper working of window switch

The inner mechanism may stop working at any time due to several reasons. Following are some reasons of improper working of internal mechanism of window switch;

  • Window regulator may get broken or it may become unaligned. This may be due to long usage of these regulators or due to installation of poor quality window regulators.
  • If all windows stop working, then fuse may be the real problem behind this.
  • Window regulator works with window motor and allows opening and closing of window. When the motor fails to work, electrical energy cannot be provided to the regulator. Hence, on pressing the button, window does not move.
  • Rain, snow and dust can block your windows with the frame and in such conditions regulators stop working efficiently. It may result in window jamming.
  • The switches of windows become worn out after a period of time. So, bad power window switch may also hinder the performance.
  • Any problem in the doors of car may also be the reason of dysfunction in the window switch. Any recent door work of car by mechanic may result in poor management or cutting of any wire. This may also affect the window switches.
  • Any accident may damage the car doors including window switches.

These switches can be fixed by car companies or workshops, against warranty or by the aid of insurance companies too. You just need to choose the one that can meet your needs in a specific amount.

How can window switch be repaired?

Various cars have various types of systems connecting the window switches. You can visit a professional car mechanic to check out where the actual problem lies. First of all, fuse and motor are held on suspicion.  Then, if the problem lies within fuse, motor or switch, these are replaced with fresh parts and are connected appropriately. Sometimes, motor can be repaired without replacing it with a new one.

There are also some cases of mismanagement by mechanics during repair. For example, if car’s door is operated for some other reason and ended up in having a problem in window’s movement. There may arise a problem in connection of wires. This can be settled by opening and fixing the door again.

If your car is old and any window switch problem appears, it is advised to replace the faulty apparatus. New and fresh pieces would give better results as compared to the repair of old fuses and motors.

What is the total expenditure incurred to fix a window switch?

It depends upon the type of car, that how much money is required to fix a window switch. Luxury cars use expensive apparatus and it is of high quality. So, the repair of such cars is also an expensive activity. Local cars with electrical window switches can be fixed within 200-300 dollars. However, this price range may vary from region to region according to specific areas. Even for an average car, professional mechanics and fine quality apparatus may cost a bit higher. Similarly, brand showrooms provide satisfactory services and do quality work for repair and maintenance of each type of car. If you want to replace the old window switch, it may cause an expense of about 230 dollars. Price boundary may fluctuate, actually, it varies with some other factors.

Changing an old, worn out motor or fuse can charge you even more. An experienced mechanic charges his own fee, while new apparatus and its installation is another expense. People may visit any local mechanic for fixing a car switch, but some problems may arise due to it. Due to the inefficiency of the workers, some other problem may emerge while fixing the window switch in the door. Connection of wires may be affected which may result in jamming of door. In this case, your overall expense on the car’s maintenance may increase. It may cost you between 400-600 dollars.

What will be the expenditure if all window switches need a repair?

If all window switches stop working, then you need to check the fuse for window regulators. According to a rough estimate, single fuse may cost 50-60 dollars, but service charges may increase this expense. Furthermore, a maximum estimate states a total expenditure of about 400-500 dollars to repair window switches. All 4 window switches may exceed the repair expense, but you can get a discount from your car’s showroom.

Can you get a discount on window switch repair?

Insurance companies and warranty policies help their customers in case of any problem or accident. Insurance companies bear all expenditure of repair and maintenance when you have registered for it. Leased cars by bank also have an insurance policy which appears as an ultimate backup to the customers. This goes easy on the pocket and customers may incur less or no expense. Branded companies and their workshops also offer discount to their customers and provide special packages.

How to avoid problems in window switches?

You need to be aware about the causes of window switch failure.

 Avoid opening of windows in rainy or snowy weather, as this may interrupt with the regulatory mechanism of window switches. Don’t use the buttons for frequent up and down motion of windows, this may loosen the buttons. Drive safely and follow road instructions and rules to minimize accidents.  An accident may affect car’s external as well as internal functions. You are advised to go for regular tuning of your car.

Is it necessary to fix window switches by replacing?

It depends upon the condition of the switches which are out of order. If any essential component is worn out or broken in the switch, then replacement is necessary. Furthermore, motor can be repaired, but in worst case scenario, it can be replaced when it is broken. Replacement is a bit more expensive than repair, so, everyone prefers replacement. This is the reason, you should visit your car mechanic on regular intervals to avoid greater issues.

It is necessary to maintain the performance of the car to have a better selling price when required. If car is in good working condition, then the market price of the car is expected to be high. So, such window switch repair may be an overhauling of your vehicle.

How can you minimize window switch repair expense?

Rather than visiting several unskilled workers for a single repair, visit a professional mechanic to get the work done completely. This will save your time and money. You should try to look for the real fault with the mechanic, to avoid any fraud or misrepresentation. Register yourself with bank or insurance company, when buying the car.

Repair of window switches is not a time consuming task, it can be fixed in 2-3 hours in a workshop. You should be vigilant about the time and actual problem of the car. This will surely help you in recognizing the fault and market price of new apparatus.


There are multiple components which are required to work together to control windows of a car. Energy is consumed in the form of petrol and is converted into electrical energy to run various functions in the car. Window switches stop working when they cannot receive electrical energy enough for use. Sometimes, window locks become stiff due to cold weather, but you should not take this as fuse or motor problem. Car window blinds and stickers may also hinder the activity of the windows. In such cases, windows jam up with the frame of the car temporarily. This may attract your attention, and you may hurry towards mechanic. But this is not suitable in this case. Check your button and window for 3-4 days, then take any step for its repair.

 Electrical buttons are common to use for window switches but there are some problems relating to it too. But, as there is a remedy to every problem, so, new technology is always preferred.

You need to visit various mechanics and workshops to check-out the price and quality difference. This will help you in gaining market experience and knowledge. Then, you can visit the workshop that suits to your budget and provides satisfactory services. You can also visit brand workshop sites online, to check feedbacks of other customers regarding total expense and services.

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