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How to Install Mud Flaps on Tesla Model Y

Published by: Nathan
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The Tesla Model Y is famous to some people due to its exciting driving experience. It operates on great technology and an excellent all-electric drive range that's quite intriguing. Being one of the best and most luxurious cars you can own, it has minor flaws that can put a buyer off. One of them is the lack of mud flaps, giving you a run for your money with the problematic paint.

Driving a tesla with no mudguards can rough up its appearance, making it look old and unattractive. The car model is prone to chipping, scratches, and many undesirable effects. This is a manufacturer's problem; however, you can fix it by installing the flaps yourself. Mud flaps act like fenders in trucks protecting cars, pedestrians, and other vehicles. The Tesla Model Y is pretty pricey, so getting the mudguards saves you a lot of money. Let's look at the tesla model Y mud flaps installation.

A guide for attaching tesla model Y mud flaps

After understanding the importance of mud flaps, knowing how to install them is the next big thing. Before we narrow down to the Tesla way of mudguard connection, here are general ways the two primary ways of installing mud flaps.

Installing the no-drill mud flaps

It's an easy method of fixing flaps to your car. The 'no-drill' means you don't have to drill new holes into your vehicle. Creating holes in the car's steel material can be tricky, so these mud flaps require less effort and time to achieve the desired look. Here is the fixing process;

  • Start by cleaning the area around the wheel to remove dirt or dust particles. You want the flap to lay flat on the tire without feeling bumpy from what's underneath. If you use water, ensure to dry the part thoroughly to prevent trapped moisture that may cause rusting.
  • Create enough space for installation between the wheel well and the tire. This space is called the clearance and allows you to secure the mud flaps in their position. It also helps you avoid squeezing the flaps inside, destroying their form; hence they can operate as required. You can achieve the most clearance by turning the front wheels towards the left entirely.
  • At this point, confirm that the mud flaps can fit and work for your car. A physical assessment or observation is enough to check for placement. Hold the mudguards up against the space you created. Compare the shape and fitting; if all is okay, the flaps are suitable for the job. Another important thing is to check the RH and LH marks to help you during the placement.
  • Once you confirm the placement, locate the holes inside the wheel well. Remember, these are no-drill flaps, so you can’t add any holes to them. To enable the installation process, the car must have pre-existing holes drilled from the factory. After you spot them, remove the screws within them and set them aside.
  • With your mud flaps ready, put them in place one at a time. Remember to align the mudguard holes with those of the wheel well so the screws can go in smoothly. When the position is correct, fix the screws, so they hold the mud flap but don't tighten.
  • Do a final check, confirming that the flaps are well positioned. If not, adjust them and set them at the proper angle, then tighten the screws. Add any additional screws, bolts, or nuts, depending on what came with the mud flaps.

Installing mud flaps that require drilling

Unlike the other mud flaps, these need you to drill through to secure them on the car. Some steps in the attachment procedure are similar to fixing no-drill mud flaps, but few of them vary. The process is not as straightforward as the latter, but it's possible to hack once you get through the drilling. The steps are;

  • Every installation process begins with the cleaning of the wheel area. Removing any existing dirt is necessary whether you are reusing the original mud flap or attaching a new one.
  • Create adequate space between the well and the wheels for easier maneuvering. You don't want an uncomfortable area that can potentially hurt you or ruin the mudguard.
  • Test if the mud flaps are suitable for the car by confirming their placement. They should fit or align with the space they are supposed to be on to function effectively and efficiently.
  • The main difference between these mud flaps and the no-drill comes in here. You have to mark points at which to drill the holes. Vehicles that use these flaps have no factory drilled holes. Therefore, use your mud flap as the template to create holes. Place it in the wheel well and put precise markings where you need the spots.
  • Use a drilling tool to form the holes based on the template you developed and proceed to fix the mud flaps. Place them on the wheel well and install the screws loosely. Before tightening, adjust the flaps, ensuring they are well set. Once done, tighten the screws and add any extra screws, bolts, or nuts to complete the process.

Which mud flaps does the tesla model Y use?

This car model primarily uses no-drill mud flaps. The tesla vehicle is quite expensive, so you don't want to start drilling holes into it. Despite not coming with readily attached mud flaps, the car has existing holes for you to fit the mudguards. The installation is easy since you mount without removing the wheel or tire. The process takes less than an hour, unlike flaps that require drilling and consume so much time. Here are reasons why you should use these mud flaps on your tesla model Y.

They protect your car

The lack of mud flaps exposes your tesla to a range of debris when driving. Elements like mud, road salt, ice, gravel, and water are thrown against the vehicle from the wheels to cause damage. The lower body panels are the most vulnerable, leaving them full of scratches, marks, and chipping. Mudguard installation is the best way to protect your vehicle from such damage, which is expensive to repair.

They are easy to install

Another reason for choosing the no-drill mud flaps for your tesla is the ease of attachment. Drilling is time-consuming, takes so much effort, and destroys the painting on the car body. Most of these tesla flaps are laser cut and developed specifically to fit the desired space. The mudguards come with fastening clips that you use together with the OEM bolts to secure the flaps. Since all you do is mount onto the wheel well, you can replace the mud flaps as often as you wish without worrying about the car's condition. The entire procedure, from start to finish, takes you less than an hour, and your vehicle can be on the road again.

They help retain the car's value

Typically, regular repairs and replacements of car parts can affect its appearance, decreasing its value. Also, note that the value depreciates once you drive the car away from the showroom or yard. So, you don't want to lower it further with unnecessary doings. Tesla uphold very high value, and you must try and retain them by protecting them from harm.

The tesla model has popular protection features for its interior, like the door sill protectors. Nut, the exterior is equally essential, and mud flaps come in handy. Mudguards mainly keep the lower panels safe, but they also have a role in the car's body. Components that the wheels would fling up are kept down; hence no scratches or chipping is witnessed. By retaining the value, you increase the resale value in the future.

How to choose quality mud flaps for your tesla model Y

You need high-quality mudguards to match the tesla car. Since tesla-specific mud flaps are what you need, decide on the style, fit, weight, and material. The fit is very crucial as it determines how well the flaps operate. You are better off without very long mud flaps as they negatively affect your car. They cause drag, increase fuel usage, and don't protect the car from debris.

As for style, what you want may differ from someone else's. Go for a style and design that portrays your personality or speaks to you more than the rest. It may be the clean look with precise cut edges or the ribbed design, which is unique. You can also choose flaps that match the color of your tesla at this point.

The material and weight go hand in hand. Some materials are heavier hence increasing the weight of the car. Pick a material that suits you and the vehicle without affecting its operation.

Final Words

The installation of mud flaps occurs in two primary ways. Some flaps require drilling, and others don't, which are the simplest to install. The tesla model Y does well with no-drill mud flaps, which protect it from external elements and help uphold its value. When buying, ensure the mudguards fit correctly, are of the desired style, and are of good quality material and weight. Considering all these factors make the attachment process quick and straightforward, and you will love the outcome.

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