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What is air spring?


Air springs, also known as airbags or pneumatic suspension systems, provide a number of benefits to a car's performance and ride quality. Firstly, air springs allow for a smoother ride by providing a cushion of air between the vehicle and the road. This can help to absorb bumps and shocks, providing a more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.


Besides, air springs can be adjusted to change the ride height of the vehicle. This is particularly useful for vehicles that need to carry heavy loads or tow trailers, as the ride height can be adjusted to compensate for the added weight and maintain a level ride. Additionally, some high-end cars use air springs as part of an active suspension system, which can automatically adjust the ride height and firmness based on road conditions and driving style. Air springs can also provide improved handling and stability for a vehicle. By adjusting the air pressure in the springs, the driver can fine-tune the handling characteristics of the car, such as reducing body roll in corners or improving traction during acceleration or braking.


5 symptoms of bad air springs


There are several symptoms that can indicate the problem when the air springs in a car are failing or malfunctioning.


A bad air spring can result in a harsh or bouncy ride, especially over uneven roads or bumps. This is due to the loss of damping provided by the air spring. Besides, if the air springs are not functioning properly, the suspension may sag lower than normal, which can cause the tires to rub against the wheel wells and lead to increased tire wear.


A failing air spring can also cause the suspension to make noise, such as creaking, squeaking, or rattling sounds. This can be due to the air spring failing to properly cushion and isolate the suspension components from each other. And If the vehicle is equipped with air springs to assist with towing or hauling heavy loads, a failing air spring can make it difficult to maintain proper ride height and handling performance when carrying heavy cargo. If you notice any braking and handling performance issues in the car, consider a air spring  problem, too. This can result in longer stopping distances, reduced cornering grip, and less responsive steering.


To address any issues with the air springs promptly, you are always suggested to advise a qualified mechanic or technician and have your vehicle inspected ASAP.


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