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About Alternator: 
The alternator keeps your automobile alive when the engine is running, however, the battery is necessary to start your car when it is not functioning. The majority of your car's electronic parts, such as the headlights, electric steering, power windows, windshield wipers, heated seats, dashboard gauges, and radio, are powered by the alternator while you're moving or idle. All of them receive direct current (DC) electricity from the alternator. Your car's battery is also charged while you're driving thanks to your alternator. 
By converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, the alternator operates. When your engine is running, it drives a drive belt that is suspended from an alternator pulley. A set of magnets are spun around a coil by the alternator's rotor shaft, which is turned by the pulley. Alternating current (AC) is produced by these rotating magnets and circulated through the coil to the rectifier of the alternator. Your car's electrical systems are turned on by the rectifier, which transforms that AC power into DC power. 

Symptoms of Alternator Failure:  

  • Trouble starting or frequent stalling
  • Battery warning light on dash
  • Dim or overly bright lights
  • Growling or whining noises
  • The smell of burning rubber or wires
  • Dead battery
  • Slow or malfunctioning accessories 

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