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What do Brake Calipers do?

When you press the brake pedal of your car the caliper makes sure that the vehicle stops on time. The caliper of braking system squeezes the brake pads which causes the rotor to slow down by causing friction. This friction is so strong that it can stop a vehicle at high-speed in almost no time. The amount of force you put on the brake pedal determines how tightly the caliper will squeeze the brake pads. 

Brake Caliper Failure Symptoms

There are many signs that show that you need to change your brake calipers at the earliest. Always be on the lookout for these signs while riding so that you can rely on your brakes without a care in the world. If your car is showing any of the following signs, it is time to get your brake calipers checked and replaced.

  • Leaking Brake Fluid
  • Vehicle Pulling to One Side
  • Brake Pedals Giving Weak Feedback
  • Uneven Brake Pad Wear
  • Car Getting Dragged
  • Abnormal Noises while Braking
  • Reduced Braking Ability 

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