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How do the brake drums work?

Among the three common car braking systems, the brake drum system is the most typical way to slow down a vehicle. The Brake disc system and the brake drum system both use friction to generate resistance and stop the car, the brake drum system stands out due to its simple structure and lower cost.

The braking mechanism using a brake drum involves the driver pressing the brake pedal, which causes the pistons inside the brake cylinder to press the friction material brake shoes against the inner surfaces of the rotating brake drums attached to the wheels. As a result, the brake shoes apply pressure to the rotating drums, decelerating the wheels and ultimately slowing down and stopping the vehicle.

To ensure the proper functioning of the brake drum, high-quality brake shoes, drum covers, and dust shields are essential. Brake shoes are typically composed of ceramic and iron. Ceramic is an excellent friction material that provides consistent resistance during contact with the brake drum, while iron serves as a backing material to prevent unintended movement of the brake shoes during the braking process. Drum covers and dust shields are protective components that prevent dust and pollutants from interfering with the brake shoes or drums, which can accumulate over time.

Why do we still use brake drums?


Compared to brake discs, brake drums generally have lower braking power and less effective heat dissipation, resulting in slower heat dissipation. When using brake drums for extended periods at high speeds, they can overheat, causing noise and shock. However, brake drum systems offer advantages such as simple structure, lower cost, and strong reliability. As an auxiliary braking system, brake drums still have much to offer, particularly for larger vehicles. It's important to note that all these advantages rely on reliable brake parts and suppliers.


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