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About Control Arm:

The control arms of your suspension system are the essential component. For a better understanding, control arms are the connection that links your car's wheels to the rest of the vehicle. Your vehicle's wheel assembly is connected to one end of this cable, and the structure of your car is connected to the other.

The upper and lower control arms then join the vehicle's chassis, with the upper arm connecting to the region of the wheel at the very top and the lower arm connecting to the part of the wheel at the bottom. The design is the same whether or not the vehicle has independent rear suspension.

The control arms ate believed to have a good life, i.e., up to 100,100 miles. However, they degenerate, bend and wear out over a considerable period. This can be reduced in case of severe accidents where they can instantly brake because of the trauma.


Symptoms of a Bad Control Arm:

  • Steering wheel vibrations
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Misalignment of steering wheel
  • Noises
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