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CV Axle Shaft

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What is CV Axle Shaft?

Most front-wheel drive automobiles, many all-wheel drive vehicles, and some rear-wheel drive vehicles all have CV joints. A CV joint is a joint made with the least amount of internal play and friction possible to transmit consistent power through a wide variety of angles. Two CV joints are located on either end of a CV shaft, which enables the front wheels to turn left and right and the suspension to flex over bumps as the vehicle is being pushed ahead. Vehicles with two wheels drive have two CV shafts, whereas those with all four wheels drive might have up to four CV shafts. 

What are CV Axle Failure Symptoms?


The following signs will let you know if you need to repair your CV Axle Shaft: 

  • Grease on the inside or edge of the tires
  • Vibration while driving 
  • “Clicking” noises when turning
  • A knocking sound  

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