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What does a Drive Shaft do?

The drive shaft bearing other titles like prop shaft or propeller shaft is a vehicle's drive train component. Its job is to deliver torque from the transmission to the differential that further transmits the torque to the wheels and gets them mobilized. 
Torque is the force that produces the turning effect. Having said that, we can comprehend the role of a drive shaft as it is the driving force to move and maneuver the wheels. 
A drive shaft compensates for changes in length and angle because of deflection or manipulation to ensure outstanding synchronization between the shaft joints. 
Drive shafts are extensively used in different vehicles like marine drives, bikes, and locomotives; however, the function differs in different vehicles. The drive shaft configuration varies for different rides, such as front-engine rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive. 


Bad Drive Shaft Symptoms

A drive shaft is an important component because it ensures the movement of the wheels, so any symptoms indicating damage in the propeller shaft should be immediately considered and treated. 
Following are a few symptoms of a bad drive shaft: 

  • Knocking Sounds 
  • Vibrations 
  • Squeaking Noise  
  • Turning Issues 

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