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What does a Fuel Pump do?

The fuel pump is the central part of the car. It is the part that sends the fuel to a car's engine and drives the engine. It is used in internal combustion engines. The proper mixing of air and fuel is necessary for the excellent efficiency of the engine. Petrol present in the tank mixes with the air, and an air-fuel mixture is formed in the carburetor. The fuel pump is used to draw the petrol from the tank using a pipe and send it to the carburetor. The fuel pump can work mechanically, or it can be electrically charged as well.  
Both fuel and air are filtered before their combustion. A petrol filter can be used for the filtration of petrol in the pipeline. A fuel pump may also consist of a plastic gauze filter or a bowl to catch the impurities. Over the carburetor's air intake, there is an air cleaner having a paper filter element to clean the air.  

Signs of Fuel Pump Failure

The features of the bad fuel pump are given as follows: 

  • Difficulty in starting the engine
  • Decreased efficiency of fuel and engine
  • Abnormal noise
  • Smoke from the engine
  • Overheating of fuel pump
  • Sudden jerks and jolts 

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