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The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) setup in a car is essential for creating a comfy interior for passengers. In the heating system, a heater core is in action, letting hot engine coolant flow and a fan then spreads the warmth inside. For cooling, the air conditioning (A/C) crew, complete with a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve, kicks in. They team up to cool the air by circulating refrigerant and ditching the heat.


How heating & cooling parts work in your car?


To keep the engine running smoothly, a range of heating and cooling components is essential. The radiator plays a key role by taking in warm coolant from the engine and reducing its temperature as air flows through its fins and coils. Once cooled, the water pump returns the coolant to the engine, pressurizing the cooling system. Maintaining the engine at the right temperature is crucial to prevent overheating and ensure overall performance, as engine overheating can lead to severe damage. The thermostat regulates the coolant flow from the engine to the radiator based on the temperature. A stuck-closed thermostat can cause rapid overheating, while a stuck-open one results in a slow rise to the operating temperature. The radiator cap, acting as a pressure relief valve, vents excess coolant to the reservoir, collecting and recycling it back to the radiator once cooled. Coolant isn't just for the engine; it also flows through the HVAC system, where the blower motor, controlled by the blower motor resistor, moves air over the A/C evaporator or heater core. The blend door actuator mixes warm and cool air before sending it through the vents. Sometimes, a simple fix like refilling the coolant may be all that's needed instead of replacing an entire component.


Ensure your car, truck, or SUV remains cozy in winter and refreshing in summer by equipping it with the right heating and cooling components. A-Premium offers an extensive range of heating and cooling parts, ensuring you can maintain a comfortable driving experience regardless of the season.

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