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What is Steering Knuckle?

Similar to any other part of an automotive vehicle, steering knuckle assembly is also an important part that plays a vital role in the assembly of your vehicle. Steering knuckle assembly refers to the spindle or the wheel hub of your car. It helps to attach the suspension and steering aspects of your vehicle. In some models of different vehicles, the steering knuckle assembly is responsible for connecting the strut assembly with the lower joint.  
It is also called the wheel carrier or the upright because of the functions it performs. The steering knuckle is the last part of the steering system and is highly functional during the operation of high-stress situations. 

Bad Steering Knuckle Symptoms


There are some symptoms to identify the broken steering knuckle: 

  • One of the front wheels of your vehicle gets tilted.
  • The squeaky noise occurs while turning the steering.
  • The vehicle is pressurized at one side; either left or right.
  • The steering wheel gets bent while driving straight.
  • The vehicle moves to one side while driving straight.
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel.
  • Uneven tire wears 

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