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Motorcycle Handlebars, Grips & Levers

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Motorcycle handlebars, grips, and levers are essential components that contribute to the control and maneuverability of a motorcycle. 

Handlebars are the main steering controls on a motorcycle. They consist of a metal or alloy tube that is typically curved and attached to the front fork of the motorcycle. The rider holds onto the handlebars to steer the motorcycle. Handlebars come in different shapes and styles, such as straight bars, cruiser bars, clip-on bars, or ape hangers, offering various riding positions and aesthetics.


Grips are the rubber or synthetic coverings that go over the handlebars to provide a comfortable and secure grip for the rider. They help absorb vibrations and enhance control. Grips can have different textures, thicknesses, and designs to suit the preferences of the rider. Some grips may also include features like integrated throttle tubes or heating elements for added functionality.


Levers are the controls on the handlebars that the rider uses to operate various functions of the motorcycle. The most common levers are the clutch lever and the brake lever. The clutch lever is used to engage or disengage the clutch, allowing the rider to change gears. The brake lever controls the front brake, allowing the rider to apply stopping power to the front wheel. Levers are typically adjustable to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences.

These components, handlebars, grips, and levers, are crucial for a rider's comfort, control, and safety while operating a motorcycle. They are customizable to suit individual preferences and riding styles, allowing riders to personalize their motorcycles to a certain extent.

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