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Social Media Rules
Social Media Rules

Thank you for becoming a member of A-Premium! We invite you to leave comments, share links, and upload videos for us and the rest of the online community to see. We're more than just a store; we're a neighborhood. We offer more than simply things; we also supply expertise. Remember, our kids are also on here, so keep it PG (maybe PG-13).

We'll revisit the page on a frequent basis, replying to and forwarding as many useful suggestions as we can. We're pleased to assist you in any way we can, and we're eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. We do, however, expect our users to treat us with the same respect that we treat them, therefore we have a few ground rules.

Be Authentic: Don't post untrue information to mislead others. Or spread rumors to damage others' reputations. Real experiences and heartfelt opinions are significant for us and the rest of the community.

Keep Original: Only provide video content, links, photos, and text if you own the rights to it. Please don't post anything unless you own it or have permission from the people who own it or are depicted in it. You are solely responsible for the content that you publish on this Page.

Be Mindful of Privacy: Remember that the community is a public environment, and some of the information you publish could reveal your identity or be misused. Don't reveal personal information about yourself or others that you don't want others to know about.

Maintain a Clean Environment: There will be no disrespectful, indecent, inappropriate, or unlawful language or posts. Posts that we believe are improper will be removed in their entirety or in part. Let's join hands to form a circle.

Peace and Respect: Please refrain from making any abusive, defamatory, or threatening posts. Keep your tone and language in mind. Any information that incites racial, ethnic, religious, gender, or political conflict should be avoided. We live in the same world with one love.

Stay on Topic: No spam, good luck/chain posts, commercial/advertising/promotional posts, off-topic or repetitive postings are permitted.

Please keep in mind that anything submitted by fans on this page does not always reflect the views or opinions of our company. We are not responsible for any third-party content or websites linked to this site. Posts or activities that we believe violate these rules or do not keep with the spirit of the page, such as advertising, spam, are off-topic, contain vulgar language, may violate the rights of others, are disrespectful to any community member, violate the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Community Standards, or violate any other Facebook term or policy, may be removed. Like we said before our kids go on here, we don't want them swearing just yet. The A-Premium community is not just ours, it is yours too, help us keep it clean so we can keep rolling out the good stuff.

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