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What is Parking Assist System?


With the development of technology, after the 21st century, a large number of car manufacturers began to equip cars with electronic auxiliary parking systems to help car drivers obtain a better parking experience. 

Parking assist components generally include reversing cameras and reversing assist radar sensors. Radar sensors also known as proximity sensors, are the mainstream parking auxiliary components currently on the market. Using ultrasonic or electromagnetic technology, they detect objects around the vehicle and provide audible or visual warnings. Typically located on the front and rear bumpers, radar sensors measure the time it takes for signals to bounce off objects, calculating the distance. When the vehicle nears an object, the sensors alert the driver through beeping sounds or visual displays.

Normal parking radar systems may have blind spots due to limitations in their monitoring range. These blind spots can potentially lead to collisions if not properly accounted for. To address this issue, some car manufacturers, such as certain models of Mercedes-Benz, have introduced blind spot radar sensors as part of their advanced safety systems.

By providing real-time feedback, parking assist sensors help drivers avoid collisions and maneuver safely in tight spaces. However, the radar sensor can only play an auxiliary role, and the driver still needs to drive carefully based on the actual situation.


Why Choose A-Premium Parking Aid?

When it comes to auto parts like sensors, adaptability is the primary concern for consumers. A-Premium understands this and strives to offer a wide range of sensor products that can be easily adapted to various car models. With nearly 100 types of sensors available, A-Premium ensures that customers can find products suitable for up to 22 popular car brands. Furthermore, we also provide blind sport radar sensors for Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners at a competitive price. If you want to know whether there are accessories suitable for your vehicle, you can enter the model information and accessory name into our search box to find it, or directly consult our customer service team.

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