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Power Steering Pump

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What is Power Steering Pump?

A power steering pump is a device in your vehicle that’s primary function is to make sure that all the power steering fluid in your car reaches the different components required to achieve in your steering system. Since we are talking about hydraulic fluid here, which is responsible for the hydraulic power that keeps your car under control on the road. The importance of a properly working pump is always significant.   
What happens is with the passage of time, power steering pumps begin to reduce their performance as these aren’t designed to perform ideally lifetime. However, the good news is that your power steering pump will show some symptoms before failing, so you have ample time to call to action between the steering pump and pump failure. 

Power Steering Pump Failure Symptoms


Following are signs of a bad power steering pump: 

  • Whining Noise 
  • The Squeal
  • The Knocking 
  • Slow Steering Response
  • Leaking Fluid 
  • Fluid on the Ground 
  • Low Fluid
  • Heavy Steering  

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