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What does an AC Compressor in a Car?


Although the air conditioning (A/C) system in your car is made up of a variety of components, the compressor is one of the critical components that develop the system's essential cycle. Without it, your complete A/C system won't be able to produce cool air inside the car, which is its primary job. Its main function is to compress the refrigerant in the automobile to the correct pressure to activate its heat-transfer properties and adjust temperatures. Doing this lets you keep cool in the summer and have a clear windshield in the winter.


Car AC Compressor Failure Symptoms


  • No air is coming from the vents
  • No cold air from A/C
  • The air is cool but does not get cold
  • Air conditioning goes from cold to hot
  • AC smells like mildew
  • Car AC makes noise when turned on
  • Water on the floorboards
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