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How Do You Reset a Windshield Wiper Motor

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Nothing is more annoying than trying to start your automobile only to discover that windshield wiper motor won't move. Windshield wipers can become very chilly throughout the winter, primarily if you reside in a cold climate.

As soon as you begin taking classes and studying the entire beginner driving advice, you'll understand just how complicated these vehicles are and that knowing how to drive is only the first step.

You can anticipate that there will always be something to correct. You should expect that it will happen sooner or later because these items are made to break eventually after they reach the end of their useful lives. Like how you ought to understand how to use a tire repair kit? Additionally, you must be able to fix a windshield wiper by yourself.

What is Windshield Wiper Motor?

One of the more frequent car accessories is windshield wiper motor. It is a component of the window system for the car. The purpose of windshield wiper motor is to use a worm gear to accelerate the lateral movements of windshield wipers. One of the many safety features of automobiles is this component.

When coupled with wipers, the wiper motor enables the wiper to clear the windshield of any debris accumulated over time, providing a clearer view of the road. Everything a driver or car owner needs to know about the wiper motor will be covered in this article. These topics include how wiper motors work, typical signs of a malfunctioning wiper motor, how to diagnose a wiper motor, repairs, and maintenance, how much it will cost to replace a wiper motor, and more.

Working of Windshield Wiper Motor

The wiper switch, linkage assembly, washer fluid tank and two wiper arms are just a few of the pieces that make up modern windshield wiper assemblies.

A little electric motor is turned on when the wiper switch is flipped on, spinning and moving the linkage assembly. This transforms the motor's rotational movement to wiper blades' recognizable arced pattern of side-to-side movement on the windshield.

When wiper switch is turned off, a motor component known as the switch is triggered, this turns off the power to wiper arms and linkage assembly when the wipers are in their bottom position.

Where Windshield Wiper Motor is Located?

You'll find windshield wiper motor on the car's firewall. It is situated between the car's engine and the driver compartment. The location for your make and model can be found in your service manual if you can't find it.

What are the Signs of a Faulty Wiper Motor?

When there is a problem in windshield wiper motor, there are some signs you can notice to know if your windshield wiper motor is faulty or damaged. These symbols are given below:

·  Windshield Wiper is not working

Since the intermittent wiper is in charge of communicating signals to the module, it's possible that when it's broken, it might sound like the wrong call. This signal will typically be sent to the motor, telling it to stop running the wiper blades. Despite being extremely uncommon, this is frequently attributed to an issue with the controls or intermittent wiper switch.

· Wiper Blades are moving at a Different Speed than what you chose

Similar to the problem above, if you discover that the speed or intermittent setting of your wiper blades is different from what you selected, it's likely that the relay is broken and has to be replaced. It would help if you did not ignore this symptom because it could lead to the wiper blade motor overheating and breaking early.

· The Control Switch is not working

The control switch is a delicate part that might malfunction for several reasons, preventing your wipers from receiving a command to turn on and begin cleaning. Usually, it has some poor contacts inside that cause this to happen. It would help if you heard a click as soon as you flipped the switch. If you don't listen to it, the controller or the relay may have broken down.

The steering wheel trims must be removed to reach the control switch fully. However, a spare control switch is not expensive. If you've never done this, it might be best to let your mechanic handle the repairs to avoid the possibility of causing any further harm.

· Unfavorable Weather

We occasionally overestimate the capabilities of windshield wipers. In actuality, they are not intended to remove large pieces of the ice or heavy snow that has adhered to the windshield. The likelihood of harming your wipers if you attempt to use them in this situation is very high.

 A little light snow or ice is okay, but anything heavier than rubs on the blades or tears them will give you trouble. Do not attempt it if the snow gets wet and adheres to the windshield. Clear snow and ice from your windows before running your wipers is a good rule.

· You have a Broken Wiper Motor

The electric motor that drives your windshield wipers is the only one used for that purpose. This motor, an electrical device, is susceptible to shorting out, making your wipers completely immobile. The same thing can happen if the fuse in your engine blows.

· Your Wiper Pivot's Nuts are Unsecured

The nuts holding  windshield wiper system together can loosen, allowing the wiper arms to separate from the system.

· Hearing some kind of Noise

Is windshield wiper motor audible? But the wipers aren't moving? There may be a technical issue if, after turning the switch, you hear a buzzing or other noise emanating from the wiper region but no movement of windshield wipers. If you hear a buzz, a motor may struggle to move a stuck wiper transmission or a locked motor gear.

This noise is a sign that the wiper motor is receiving the necessary power but cannot deliver it to the blades. A malfunctioning wiper relay may also be to blame for this issue.

How to reset your Windshield Wiper Motor?

The blades will stop in the improper orientation, such as in the center of the windshield, when your windshield wiper position is adjusted incorrectly. Resetting  windshield wiper motor entails taking the wiper linkage off and manually adjusting the blades.

Here is step by step guide about resetting windshield wiper motor; you can follow to reset your vehicle wiper motor.

· Remove Covering

Remove the plastic barrier that is between your windshield and automobile hood. Your wipers are hidden under this covering, typically fastened with clips. Take out your flathead screwdriver and pry the hood's cover off.

· Remove Wiper Nut and Detach Arm

Using your socket wrench, remove the wiper motor's middle nut. Your wiper arm and wiper motor are joined together by this nut. Turning on and off your windshield wipers will ensure that the engine runs through a complete wipe cycle and stops in the ideal park position with the arms detached.

· Fix and Reattach

By inserting the arm back into the motor socket and tightening the central nut, you may realign your wiper blades and reattach them to the motor. Utilizing your socket wrench, tighten the nut.

· Verify

Test the functionality of your reattached wipers by turning them back on. Snap the plastic cover back into position if they wipe cleanly and return to the appropriate parking position.

Consider replacing windshield wiper blades if your wipers are still ineffective.

How to replace Windshield Wiper Motor?

Your windshield wipers must be equipped to handle harsh weather during the winter. It's simple to replace damaged wiper blades, but what if they don't operate when you turn them on? We'll take you step-by-step through replacing the windshield wiper motor.

  1. Take away the wiper arms.
  2. Remove the grill or cowl.
  3. Detach the linkage from the wiper motor.
  4. Remove the motor by unplugging the connections and unbolting the wiper motor.
  5. Install a new motor, fasten it, and turn it on.
  6. Reattach the wiper motor's linkage.
  7. Adapt the cowl/grill
  8. Put new wiper arms on
  9. Verifying action by turning on and off.

What is the Importance of Wiper Motor’s Resetting and Replacement?

Drivers must keep a clear vision of the road in front of them. You risk receiving a fine if your wipers are malfunctioning, your vision is blurry outside the windscreen, and you cannot clear any obstructions from the windshield. In the worst instance, you might be at fault for an incident.

When should a Wiper Motor be replaced?

A car's wiper motor is designed to last a lifetime. Due to the elements that this section of an automobile is exposed to, this is usually not the case. You will eventually need to replace the wiper motor due to the heat and wetness it is subjected to daily.

What is the Price of replacing a damaged Windshield Wiper Motor?

The cost to replace a windshield wiper motor range from $230 to $310. This project will require between $50 and $70 in labor costs and between $180 and $250 in parts costs.


It is usually preferable to immediately fix the problem with your wipers if you are experiencing any issues. Every car has wipers because they are a crucial safety element. When windshield wipers don't return to their resting position, the majority of people need to know how to fix them. Using this advice is a sure step on the right path for doing it yourself, even if you aren't the most knowledgeable about automobiles.

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