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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Steering Knuckle?

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The front wheel mechanism of the car is of critical importance. Without the proper functioning of the front suspension system, the vehicle significantly loses its drive quality and wheel control.

Like other components, the front wheel system has another vital component called the steering knuckle. A spindle-like or hub-shaped part that connects the steering wheel to the front wheels and helps the driver control the wheel's directions.

Unfortunately, all mechanical things have a lifespan, and when a steering knuckle outlives its time, you have to get a replacement. The average replacement cost of a steering knuckle lies between 50 to 1000 dollars. However, various factors determine the final figures.

How Much Does Replacing A Steering Knuckle Cost?

Steering knuckles are durable; however, replacing them is certainly not easy if one goes bad. Most users endure an expense of 800$, which include 600$ for the part and 200$ for the labor.

However, it is essential to note that the replacement cost varies significantly depending upon your car model, the complexity of the component’s assembly, and other such factors. Some users end up paying around 1000$ as the total steering knuckle replacement cost.

Sometimes, you may find the part connected to the steering knuckle also needs a replacement; hence, naturally, the replacement costs will be higher for such cases.

What Things Affect Steering Knuckle Replacement Cost?

Why does steering knuckle replacement costs vary in the first place? Some below-listed pointers will help understand the reason.

The Vehicle

The car type, model, and age significantly dictate the total replacement cost. For instance, replacing Honda’s steering knuckles cost around 800 to 900 dollars, excluding labor. Similarly, the steering knuckles of Mazda 3 cost between 530 to 560 dollars, while the steering knuckles for Toyota cost between 580 to 630 dollars.

The Suspension

The suspension system also plays a vital role in determining the final replacement costs. Vehicles with simple strut suspension systems are easier to work with and require less labor. In contrast, a car using wishbone or modified suspension will likely require more replacement costs.


Several parts of steering systems don't require a complete replacement. You can choose a repairing option in case of minor damages or defects. However, repairs are not possible for steering knuckles. Steering knuckles endures a lot of force when the wheels are functional. Hence, a repair patch will eventually become loose or break causing more problems.

Labor Cost

Next, there is the labor cost. Typically, mechanics charge between 170 to 250$ for replacing a steering knuckle. Again, these values depend upon which garage you take your car to. Usually, the labor costs in local workshops also depend upon the living area. Areas with relatively higher living standards have more sophisticated garages that charge more.

In Pairs

Each wheel has a steering knuckle. Hence, the front wheel system comprises two steering knuckles. Replacing one steering knuckle costs between 45 to 900$, so replacing two steering knuckles will naturally double the total expense.

When To Spare Budget for Steering Knuckle Replacement?

Of course, changing a perfectly functioning steering knuckle is unnecessary. However, if the following happens, you must get a replacement.

Runaway Steering Wheel

The steering knuckle likely requires a replacement if the steering wheel wanders off without any driver input. A defective steering knuckle fails to keep the vehicle’s steering straight, which threatens driver’s safety on the road.

Uneven Tire Wear

Observing tires reveals a lot about the performance of your front suspension system and steering knuckles. If you see an uneven wearing of the tires, it’s wise to inspect the defective parts.

Squealing Noises

When you turn the steering wheel, a bad steering knuckle makes a squealing noise. It mainly happens when the steering knuckles fail to sync with other functional parts of the steering system. Steering knuckles symptoms range from minor to severe. A squealing sound is an indication to get an immediate inspection and a proper fix.

Shaking Steering Wheel

The steering knuckle links the steering wheel to the front wheels. Therefore, the steering wheel begins to shake when it wears out or gets deformed.

Although, steering wheel vibrations may indicate other problems rather than the knuckle. But in most cases, a bad steering knuckle causes these vibrations.

Is It Necessary to Replace a Rusted Steering Knuckle?

Most users think replacing rusted steering knuckles is not necessary. In contrast, it is the opposite. Rust can seriously damage metallic parts and eventually cause them to break.

Rusted steering knuckles can jam along the way, causing the driver to lose wheel control suddenly. Therefore, manufacturers use rust-resistance metals like stainless steel or weathering steel to make steering knuckles. Weathering steel steering knuckles always develop a rust layer. However, if the knuckle is rusted severely, it may also damage the ball joints.

Extremely rusted steering knuckles break under high pressure causing severe damage to the front suspension system. Therefore, immediate replacement is necessary.

Steering Knuckle Replacement Costs for Different Car Models

The manufacturing company has a significant effect on the component cost. Likewise, the steering knuckle price varies from model to model. You’ll be surprised to see the price differences between different models of the same company. Below replacement prices for steering knuckles of famous car brands are given.

Steering knuckle of Toyota Corolla costs about 577$ to 630$. At the same time, the price of steering knuckles for a Toyota Avalon cost between 673 dollars to 728 dollars. The final cost of steering knuckle replacement for a Honda Accord is around 749 to 794 dollars. Similarly, the steering knuckles for a Honda Civic cost around 557 to 605$.

Observe the replacement costs for steering knuckles for Ford Ranger and Ford Fiesta. In this case, the former requires around 702 to 733 dollars for the replacement, while the steering knuckles for the later model costs about 612 to 646 dollars. Note that the prices compared in this section also include the labor costs.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket – Which to Choose for Optimal Steering Knuckle Replacement Cost?

Price is the biggest red flag when you set out for car parts replacements. Therefore, many users prefer going for the aftermarket parts. However, there are certain downsides to aftermarket steering knuckles.

Firstly, there is no guarantee of quality. These steering knuckles may prove budget friendly initially, but they will require more maintenance and possibly more replacements over the years. Secondly, there is no warranty for an aftermarket steering knuckle. If it breaks or ceases to function, the only solution is to get a new one.

In contrast, OEM parts are expensive, but they last longer. Also, the company takes complete responsibility if the part malfunctions or breaks within the guaranteed time. Hence, each kind of steering knuckle has its pros and cons. If you prefer comfort and reliability to money then, you should go for OEM steering knuckles.

Additionally, you can also consider looking for used knuckles. Installing used steering knuckles will reduce the replacement costs to half. This way, you'll get quality without disobeying your budget's limits; however, there is no assurance that used knuckles will be available for all models.

Will Going to The Company’s Garage Affect The Overall Replacement Cost Of A Steering Knuckle?

Users often refrain from taking their vehicle to the company's workshop due to the additional charges. However, getting a replacement from the company garage may significantly reduce the overall steering knuckle replacement price.

Companies usually come up with various customer-channeling schemes that offer discounted garage services. Hence, you can get a replacement at a reasonable price. Furthermore, new cars have a significant edge. If a steering knuckle’s fault occurs within a few months of the purchase, you can contact the company and get things straight.

Moreover, you can also ask for installments. Hence, the total bill will not bankrupt you if other costly repairs are detected during the steering knuckle replacement.

How Long Does a Steering Knuckle Last?

If you like to plan your yearly expenses, then having an idea about the estimated life of your steering knuckles will prove helpful. After all, steering knuckle replacement costs are not very comforting.

In most cases, a steering knuckle can endure around 100,000 miles. However, it greatly depends on the use of the vehicle. Steering knuckles rust quickly in wet environments. So, if you use your car frequently in wet conditions, it may shorten its life span.

Moreover, rougher terrains also reduce the age of the knuckle. In contrast, the steering knuckles of cars used on smooth, straight, and dry roads last longer.

Wrap Up

Steering knuckles are the most crucial part of the suspension system as they control wheel motions—usually, steering knuckles last up to 100,000 miles, but their longevity depends upon the vehicle use. Wetness and moisture typically speed up the rusting process, making replacement more urgent. Moreover, substantial impacts can also deform or break the steering knuckles.

Replacing steering knuckles usually costs 50$ to 1000$ or above, including labor costs. It greatly depends upon factors like your car model, age, component price, labor cost, etc. Like all deteriorating mechanical things, steering knuckles exhibit common symptoms, like tire wear, steering wheel shaking, etc. If you notice something usual with the vehicle wheel movements, it's best to inspect the steering knuckles.   

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