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How Do You Reset the Blend Door Actuator on a Ford F150

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Ford’s blend door actuator system includes a composite door actuator that regulates flow of air in the car. It is a motor apparatus that modifies the door's position in response to information from the temperature control system.

If you have difficulties adjusting the airflow in your ford, there can be an issue with the blend door actuator. The blend door actuator ford f150 can be reset by following a few easy procedures.

Remove the fuse that powers the blend door actuator ford f150 system. Start the vehicle after that, and let the AC run for around two minutes. The system will be able to reset automatic by doing this. Turn off the vehicle after two minutes, and then replace the fuse. In this article, the detailed step by step procedure is described; you can follow to reset your car.

What is Blend Door Micro-motor/Actuator?

A blend door actuator ford f150 controls the temperature and direction of the flow of air in a car. A broken actuator may be the reason for your vehicle only releasing cold air or your inability to adjust the airflow. Sometimes the cure requires recalibration, and other times the damaged component needs to be changed. Depending on your evaluation, you could go through either of them.

It also performs a crucial duty. Signals are sent through the blend door actuator when you crank the dial to change the temperature or airflow. The defrosters and other vents are also under its control.

How does Blend Door Actuator Works?

A little electric motor housed in a plastic structure serves as an air blend door actuator. A door position sensor that communicates with the atmospheres control computer is also built into the unit.

Thus, this actuator regulates the temperature and airflow by the settings. The settings can control various features, including temperature, floor, mid vent, defrost, and fresh air. In this manner, a passenger can choose the air's temperature and the direction in which it should flow.

Where is Blend Door Actuator located?

You'll find blend door actuator ford f150 to the right of the glove box on the passenger side of the dashboard. There are two electrical connectors on the rear of this little, rectangular, black device. You must take the glove box off to access the actuator. The top of the glove box needs to have two screws taken out.

You may then pull the glove box down and off its hinges after these are removed. Because electrical connections are still fastened to the back of the box of glove, use caution when performing this task.

When Do You Need to Reset Blend Door Actuator?

Resetting the system of blend door actuator ford f150 assembly can be done for a variety of reasons. After being repaired or replaced, a mix door actuator reset allows the equipment to restore to its initial calibration.

You may require a blend door actuator reset for the following reasons.

1. After Installing a New Actuator

The combination door actuator has a small component and multiple plastic gears. Unfortunately, they become faulty with time, which causes poor performance.

Therefore, it's crucial to remove the assembly altogether and replace it. Despite this, the tiny size and straightforward design make this a cheap part.

2. When the Calibration is off

Regardless, the air duct control module needs to be recalibrated to adjust it to its proper position whenever the power is disconnected from the BDA system module.

Typically, this module performs the calibration automatically during the ignition cycle. The actuator assembly needs to reset to complete the procedure or when the noises or clicks appear frequently.

3. If There Is a Mechanical or Electrical Issue

Based on the settings chosen inside the driver's cabin, the door of the HVAC duct must be moved with force because the gear of the actuators is often small in size.  

As a result, they eventually become exhausted and trapped. To release them, you must reset the blend door actuator.

A blend door actuator ford f15 reset can correct a problem caused by the motor exceeding the limit due to a power malfunction or incorrect setting.

How to Reset the Blend door actuator Ford f150

The air from the evaporator and heater are combined and moved into the cabin when the temperature setting on the dashboard is altered. Based on the chosen temperature setting, this module keeps moving the signals to the motor.

The steps to perform a blend door actuator reset are listed below.

1. Access to the door Actuator Assembly

On the driver's and passenger's sides, there may be one or two composite doors depending on the type of car. These are positioned behind the set of radio, which is in the middle of the dashboard.

The electrical connections, the shifter, and the links related to the transmission should be removed after removing the center by removing bolts on the side.

The stereo/radio unit and the wires should then be removed. You will then access to the actuator assembly.

Put on the air control system and check air on the passenger and driver's sides to make sure the damaged one is examined.

2. Align the Output Shaft Gears of the Actuator

The output shaft of the actuator must be gear-aligned for it to move.

When the gears are perfectly aligned, you can spin them with your hands and observe how smoothly the movement moves. The gear teeth may shatter if they are not correctly aligned.

3. Turn off the Electricity

Locate the box of fuse, and then turn off the fuse from control module. Depending on the model of your car, electrical drawings can be used to display each number.

The most common fuse numbers are No. 15 and No. 42. It is also feasible to disable the battery's power connector using the electrical board in charge of managing the environment.

4. Start the Vehicle

Start your car using the stop or start switch or the ignition key after you unplug the power supply to the temperature control module. The BDA system will be activated now.

5. Connect the Fuse

The HAVC system can be activated via the dashboard's selector switch or the function knob.

To complete the cycle, change the settings from warm to cold. After turning off your car, connect the fuse

2 to 3 minutes later:

  • Turn off your car.
  • Reconnect the interior of the box junction located fuse.
  • Utilizing a millimeter and the voltage of the system module, check the continuity.

6. Check the Blend Door Actuator's Calibration

As soon as your car is moving, blend door actuator ford f150 will start to move. In less than 30 to 40 seconds, depending on the signals from the HVAC control module, it adjusts the position.

By checking the air coming from the vents and adjusting the temperature settings, you may check for the operational function. At least two to three minutes after the conclusion of each process, the alterations will occur.

Replacing whatever removed during this process in order after it is finished.

What Can You Do If the Reset Doesn't Work?

Resetting of the blend door actuator ford f150 might not have helped the HVAC system issues. You can in this situation:

· Treat the Air Conditioning System

The part that gives power to the blend door actuator ford f150 is the air conditioning relay. The actuator may stop receiving power if this relay is malfunctioning, leading to failure. Using a millimeter will allow you to determine whether the relay is operational.

· Examine the Wiring Harness 

The actuator may not get power or malfunction, if this harness is destroyed. Visually examining the harness for any evidence of wear can allow you to assess it for damage.

· Replace the Actuator

If the fuse and wiring harness have all been tested and found to be in good working order, the actuator must be faulty. You will have to swap it out with a new system in this situation.

Actions to Stop The Blend Door Actuator From Failing?

You can take several actions to stop the Ford blend door actuator from failing:

  • To maintain the actuator lubricated, frequently use the air control system.
  • Avoid making abrupt temperature adjustments.
  • When the outdoor temperature is below 60°F, avoid using the air conditioning system.
  • When temperature of outdoors is greater than 90°F, avoid using the heating system.

What is the Cost to Reset Blend Door Actuator?

The price of the parts ranges from $20 to $40, depending on the make and model of your car. Depending on the issue's magnitude, the service could cost between $75 and $100.


It is crucial to remember that the blend door actuator ford f150 is an essential component of your car's HVAC system. As a result, if it is not functioning correctly, it can cause several issues, including inconsistent heating or cooling, odd noises coming from the HVAC system, and poor air circulation. The best approach to ensure your vehicle's actuators are in good operating order is to have them routinely inspected and repaired by a trained professional.

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