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How Much Does Ignition Coil Replacement Cost?

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The ignition coil is an integral part of your car's internal system. It is the part that provides enough current to the spark plug to create a spark and start the engine. If the ignition coil is not working correctly, the engine will not start.

These coils are essential for gasoline-run cars as diesel vehicles do not use spark plugs to start the engine. There are a few different ways you can be sure that your ignition coil is failing and needs to be replaced. For example, misfiring, the constant check engine light on your dashboard, sputtering, stalling engine, noises erupting from the engine, more fuel consumption than before, and more such signs.

If you have been facing these symptoms of a bad ignition coil, you need to replace it as soon as possible. For this, you would want to know exactly how much it would cost to replace your car's ignition coil. Keep reading to learn all the details about ignition coil replacement costs.

What Is the Working of An Ignition Coil in A Car?

The ignition coil plays a central role in vehicles with an internal combustion engine. The ignition coil enhances the very low voltage to a higher one of thousands of volts. This high voltage ensures enough power for the spark plug to create a spark and ignite the mixture of fuel and air.

There is an electromagnetic principle at play here called inductance. The ignition coil is based on two coils and not one. One is the primary coil, and the other is the secondary one. There are 200-300 turns in the primary wire, and this part is where the application of the voltage from the car battery takes place.

In the secondary coil, the turns exceed in number compared to the primary coil. There are about 20000 to 30000 turns here, where the voltage amplifies for the spark.

Creating a spark via the ignition coils is based on the workings of the magnetic field and the electric current. One can be used to produce the other, which is what happens here. The secondary coil has more turns to create an amplified voltage. The increased voltage provides enough power to produce the spark, which further starts the engine. 

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How Would You Know If Your Ignition Coil Is Failing?

The failings of the ignition engine are usually because the parts have become old and need to be replaced. But there can also be other reasons, such as damage caused by extra heat or bad spark plugs inside. Whatever the reason, there are a few different ways you can know that the ignition coil is going bad and must be replaced. For detailed info, please refer to When to replace the ignition coil

The Engine Is Misfiring

The ignition coil is interrelated with the functioning of the engine. Without it, the engine won't start, so it is no surprise that one of the symptoms of a bad ignition coil is that the engine starts to misfire. As there is low voltage generation in case of a bad ignition coil, the spark plug and combustion won't work correctly, and your car may start to jerk when you press the acceleration paddle.

Vibrations From the Idle Car

If you notice vibrations when your car is idle, it may indicate a bad ignition coil. The engine will shake because of the misfiring taking place inside. Also, as the spark plug is not firing correctly, the mixture of fuel and air will combust inside erratically, which will cause these vibrations.

The Car Doesn't Start Easily

If the car cannot start because of the ignition coil, you might see other symptoms, too, such as misfires. If more than one ignition coil needs to be replaced, there won't be enough voltage to run the engine, and your car may not start.

Check Engine Light Is On

The check engine light might start flashing as soon as you start picking up speed in the car. This shows that the ignition coil or the spark plug has gone bad.

Increased Uptake of Fuel

If the ignition coil has gone bad, you may also notice that the car's fuel consumption has increased. This is because the ignition coil needs to be replaced, and since their working is low, the car compensates by throwing more fuel into the combustion chamber.

Keep an eye out for your consumption, as it is hard to notice that your fuel consumption has increased.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Ignition Coil?

The cost of replacing the ignition coil will vary based on several different factors like the model of the car, the cost of the mechanic or the service provider you hire, how old your car is, the cylinders in your car, and more.

However, on average, you can expect to spend around $250 to replace the ignition coils. The replacement of the entire pack of ignition coils costs more. Many people may choose to replace the ignition coil themselves as they have the necessary skills and tools, which can significantly decrease the average cost of replacing it.

The Model of the Car

The make and model of your car are crucial in determining the cost of changing the ignition coil in the car due to several factors. The number of ignition coils needed in the car depends on the type of cylinder used in the engine.

In most cases, there is only one spark plug for one cylinder, and one spark plug needs one ignition coil. However, some engines don't fit this rule. For example, in some models of Mercedes Benz, there are two spark plugs for one cylinder, but there is still only one ignition coil for one.

This brings us to the conclusion that most cars have four ignition coils, but there may be more, such as 6, 8, 10, and more. It is hard to find and buy the ignition coil in a pack of just one as most of them are sold in packs of more than one, depending on the coils needed by your engine.

There is also a difference between ignition coils in high-end and standard cars. The performance cars you see in different sports use a more expensive ignition coil, which lies at the higher end to ensure the voltage produced is of a high level and that the engine runs for a long time.

The Type of Engine

The engine type of your car will determine the ignition coils you will have to purchase. There are four different types of them available currently. Conventional breaker-point ignition or coil-on-plug ignition is used in most modern cars. For this, there is one ignition coil needed for one cylinder.

In a waste-spark ignition, you need one ignition coil for two cylinders. The electric ignitions in modern low-emission cars also have one ignition coil for one cylinder. The cost of replacement of the ignition coil will depend on the type of engine and how many coils need to be replaced.

Paying the Labor

The national average cost of getting labor is $60, and you can expect to pay between $15 and $205 for one hour. The exact cost of hiring the labor will depend on the state and place of living. Some areas might be more expensive than the national average, while others may be cheaper.

Ignition coil replacement might take about half an hour or slightly more. You can expect to pay for 30 mins of service for the replacement process. You might also have to pay the shop bill, which costs about 3-5% of the bill, and there is also the cost of a garage which is charged for leaving your car there.

The Required Parts

The cost of replacement will also include the cost of the ignition coils themselves. You can save a lot of money by choosing not to go for the original or brand-new parts. Instead, choose the made-to-fit or second-hand parts for the engine.

These might not be of the best quality, but they will save you money and lower your installation cost. Made-to-fit parts are made specifically for the vehicle in question. This portion of the cost depends on what you intend to buy.


To sum up, the cost of ignition coil replacement you will have to pay will vary with the choices you make and the place you live in. But you can expect to pay between $150 to $300 in total for the process of ignition coil replacement. The labor cost can be as low as $15 to $20 per hour or as high as $150 per hour, depending on your chosen service.

You can save on the labor cost entirely by doing the work yourself. There is also the cost of buying the parts, which depends on the make and model of your vehicle. These are the significant costs you will incur while replacing your ignition coil.

Keep the tips in mind and check for all the symptoms before getting your ignition coil replaced. 

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