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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Power Steering Pump?

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A steering pump is an essential part of the steering system. It is a pump-like structure located at the driver's side of the engine. Its primary function is to provide hydraulic fluid to the power steering system.

Over the years, many kinds of steering systems have been launched. However, the most common types are mechanical and power steering pumps. Due to rapid development, modern-day vehicles use electric steering mechanisms. But the power steering pump is the most widely used kind and will be in demand for many years.

Like everything, power steering pumps also live out their lifespan. Hence, you will have to get a replacement, eventually. Typically, a power steering pump costs around 400$ to 1000$, but several factors cause it to vary.

What Does a Power Steering Pump Do?

Ignorance about the working of the steering pump may prevent you from pinning down the root cause of several driving issues. So, let's quickly view what a power steering pump does and how it affects the vehicle's overall performance.

The word 'power' means this category of steering pumps applies pressure to the steering gear that circulates to the wheels and provides controlled (wheel) movements. Hydraulics are used to apply the necessary power.

A power steering pump has several vanes which spin fast and draw the hydraulic fluid from the return line. Next, the pump pushes the liquid into a pressure tube to create hydraulic pressure, ensuring smooth wheel motion when the steering wheel turns.   

Since the power pump handles such an essential function in a vehicle, correspondence among its components is critical. Proper working can only be ensured when there is a timely inspection. Else, the improper functioning of the pump will lead to severe damage to both vehicle and its users.

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power steering pump

Symptoms Of a Failing Power Steering Pump

The initial symptoms of the failing steering pump begin with groaning or whining noises. However, these symptoms worsen as the pump deteriorates further.

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Difficulty In Wheel Control

Stiff wheels are one of the primary symptoms of a failing power steering pump. Even making basic turns require a lot of strength from the driver. Wheel stiffness can be particularly noted at low speeds. If you feel the wheel being slightly stiff, slow down your car and turn the steering wheel. If the stiffness increases, there is likely an issue with your power steering pump.

Squealing Noise

Next comes the squealing noise. You will hear this sound when you start your car. The reason for this sound is the pump is slipping its mechanical belt. Depending upon the deterioration of the power steering pump, you'll either need to replace it or realign its belt. The total amount is calculated once the damage is thoroughly inspected.

Whining Noise

Noise in the power steering pump can help estimate the replacement cost. The second one is the whining noise. This sound may have several underlying factors. Although a mechanic can detect the issue better but commonly, a leak or a deficient level of fluid leads to this noise.

Groaning Noise

If you neglect the repair or replacement for a long, the power steering pump will eventually start to make a groaning noise. The primary reason is that the pump cannot circulate the needed fluid in the functional tubes.

A low fluid level will lead to wear and tear of the functioning parts and ruin the steering system. Such conditions will require more replacement costs.

Fluid with Flakes

The tubes of the power steering pumps are made of chrome. When the fluid level drops too low, the components rub against each other and wear out—resultantly, sprinkling chrome flakes in the liquid.

Apart from the different noises and wheel control issues discussed above, examining the pump fluid reveals a lot about its working condition. If you find the pump fluid is dark and has chrome flakes, you'll need to replace the pump. Ultimately, the costs will be higher.

power steering pump

Replacement Cost of a Power Steering Pump

When you set out to replace your power steering pump, it is essential to know the approximate values of the power steering pump and labor cost individually.

The prices of the power steering pump (only the component) differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and car to car; generally, it costs between 100 and to 400$. The price can vary from the given range depending upon other factors discussed later in the article.

The next worrying thing is the labor cost. Usually, the labor cost for replacing the power steering pump revolves around 50 to 125$. However, depending upon your living area, the price varies; it is naturally higher in a high-standard living area.

power steering pump

Replacement Costs of Different Power Steering Pump Parts

An entire replacement of the power steering pump is unnecessary in all cases. You can only repair the defective part. Below is a list of various power steering pump parts and their replacement costs.

Power Steering Tank Replacement

The power steering pump consists of a fluid reservoir that usually leaks from the top or where the hose connects. A clog in the tank also causes a whining noise (you can hear it when you turn the engine).

Replacing a fluid tank typically costs around 150 to 250$. However, the cost varies depending upon its accessibility.

Hose Replacement Costs

The hose takes the fluid from the tank to the rack and pinion. But since hoses are made of rubber, they can crack, causing fluid leakage. In such scenarios, the average labor cost of replacing a hose is around 80 to 160 dollars. At the same time, a steering pump hose costs about 100 to 300 dollars depending upon the brand and the vehicle model.

Furthermore, different mechanics have different hourly rates. Hence, the approximate cost for hose replacement falls between 80 to 460 dollars.

Sparing 500 dollars for a car repair is not feasible for many users. In this case, you can ask the mechanic if the hose is mendable by a rubber patch. Similar to patching bicycle rubber wheels, you can also patch-repair hose pipes if there are small leaks. It will cost around 10 dollars.

Note that patching your power steering hose pipe is a temporary solution. It's best to get the complete replacement as soon as possible.

Rack And Pinion Costs

Replacement costs for racks and pinions are significantly higher than other parts of power steering pumps because the mechanics overhaul the rack to detect leaks. On average, the process costs around 400 to 1200 dollars.

Rack repairs require replacing all oil seals and O rings and aligning the front wheel system.

power steering pump

Power Steering Pump Replacement Costs – Aftermarket Vs. OEM Pumps

Most users prefer purchasing aftermarket pumps. Although they are relatively inexpensive, they use low-quality materials. Resultantly, they need more maintenance and demand higher running costs in the long run.

In contrast, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) power steering pumps serve better. They are expensive compared to aftermarket ones but don't require frequent repairs and have better endurance.

Additionally, OEM power steering pumps have warranty and customer support as well. You can quickly contact the company if the product is defective or the replacement costs in local workshops don’t suit you.

Getting your power steering pump replaced by your car manufacturing company is convenient and reliable. Furthermore, you don't have to visit the shop to inquire about possible expenses. You can quickly contact their customer support and get answers to all your queries. You can also check the amounts online, as renowned companies have uploaded their price charts for steering pump replacements.

power steering pump

How Much Does Replacing a Power Steering Wheel Cost – Some Underlying Factors

 Although, replacing your power steering pump costs around 400 to 1000 dollars. But the prices vary depending upon the amount of damage. There is no set borderline.

Assembly Complexity

The cost of replacing your power steering pump also depends upon the complexity of the pump assembly and the time required to complete the process.

Since all vehicles have different sizes of power steering pumps, the complexity varies accordingly. For instance, replacing the power steering pump of a heavy-duty truck requires more time and knowledge. Whereas replacing the steering pump of a car may be relatively easy.

Labor Cost

Labor costs may significantly affect the overall replacement cost. Labor cost usually depends on the average hourly charges of the workshop. Additionally, experienced mechanics have higher hourly rates.

On average, it takes around four to five hours to replace a power steering pump, and mechanics commonly charge about 50 to 125 dollars per hour; however, if you ask the shop to replace the pump, the labor price increases to 200$ per hour.

In contrast, the labor costs are slightly cheaper if you purchase the power steering pump.

Replacement or Repairing

You don't always have to replace the power steering pump. If there is minor damage, you can also go with a repair. However, replacing it is necessary if the pump entirely fails to function.

Repairing your power steering pump costs around 200 to 300 dollars. In comparison fixing a power steering pump with a new part will cost about 400 to 800 dollars. Note that the repair costs vary with car models and the shop.

power steering pump


The power steering pump is the most critical part of your vehicle's steering system. Although these pumps have great endurance, they eventually wear out or cause an issue. Power steering pumps can withstand 100,000 miles, but their durability depends upon vehicle use.

If your power steering pump causes problems, it is necessary to inspect it. An explanation of common symptoms is present above. Replacement costs for a power steering pump fall between 400 to 1000 dollars. However, the final cost depends upon various factors like the mechanic's experience, the pump brand, and other aspects.

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