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How Much to Repair Car Window Motor?

Published by: Jack
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A window motor is essential to your car's window regulatory system. Without a proper functioning window motor, your vehicle's window will not be able to close or open. The only solution to a malfunctioned window motor is to have it repaired. One thing you need to note is that several factors influence the costs of car window motor repair. Here is a simple guide on understanding your window motor repair costs.

Repair car window motor costs: Factors that influence

A malfunctioned window motor will not impact whether your car runs or not. However, it may cause your window to drop down. In such cases, it is better to repair the window motor. As you make the repairs or ask a mechanic to do it, one essential aspect you will need to consider is cost.

The average repair cost of a window motor is $275. However, it can go as higher as $700 or as low as $245. Below are other primary factors that may influence the cost of your window motor's repair.

The model and make of your vehicle

The car window motor repair may have varying costs from one vehicle to another. The price difference is because different cars have different customization, manufacturing year, and model features.

Most consumers need to understand that different types of cars use different window regulator systems. The difference in the regulator system influences the cost.

For instance, the cost of repairing the window motor for a luxury sedan is not the same as that for a lower-grade sedan. The luxury car will be more expensive to repair. Also, vehicles with customized interiors, especially door panels, will cost the car window motor repair more.

Your mechanic

If you are going for a professional job, other than a do-it-yourself repair, you may have to pay more. Also, one essential thing to note is that different mechanics will charge you differently for the repair job. If you want to save on costs, you can always research for an affordable mechanic who will not compromise on the quality of service they provide.

Another point to note is that an independent or a chain repair shop is often less expensive than going to a dealership shop. However, choosing who is best for you solely depends on you.


The process of how much repairing your car window motor repair will cost generally starts with diagnostics. The diagnostics require your mechanic or you to open the door panel and inspect the window motor system. It may range from $50 to $ 200.

Type of window motor

One essential factor that can impact the cost of your window motor repair is whether your car uses an automatic or manual system. Automatic systems are more intricate compared to manual ones. Thus, there is a high likelihood that the cost of window motor repair for an automatic car will be more expensive.

Also, whether the motor is part of the window regulator matters significantly. Some aftermarket part manufacturers do not produce the motors with the regulator. In such cases, customers will need to buy the window motor from a dealer, who ensures they pay more. You may find that a $50 motor costs $300 as it comes in a window regulator and motor combination. However, most mechanics recommend that you replace the motor and regulator together if either malfunctions. It will save you money and time in the end.

Your window motor supplier

The supplier you want to get a new window motor will also impact the price. In the market, you will notice that there are several window motor suppliers present. The different suppliers have varying costs for the window motors. Thus, as you make your purchases, compare various suppliers to arrive at one who will provide you with a cheaper and quality window motor.

New or used part

A window motor repair job allows you to use either a new or used part. The used part will be cheaper than the new part. However, a new part will give you a long period of service. The type of part you choose should depend on your budget.

Number of window motors

The number of window motors that require repair can also influence the cost. You will have to pay for more than one window motor repair if you have more than one malfunctioned window motor. It is because you must include more labor time and window motors.

Window repair tools

The price of the window repair tools also factors in the repair cost. You will need a repair tool set if you choose to repair the window motor. However, if you have the tools in your tool shed, you can avoid incurring the cost of new tools.

Quality of the window motor

Different manufacturers make the window motors from varying materials. The material used can help determine how much you will pay for the replacement part. Motors made from high-strength steel and premium copper have superior quality. It means they will cost more than those made of cheap and low-grade quality.

Type of problem

The problem your window motor is experiencing also dictates how much its repair will cost. It may be more affordable if your motor does not require a replacement. However, if you need to replace the motor and the regulator, it will cost you more.

Your motor problem will also determine how many hours of labor your mechanic will use. The more hours they spend repairing the window motor, the more it will cost.

Repair location

Where you intend to get the repair done can drive prices up. Your window motor repair estimates may vary depending on your state. You can find that some states are more expensive than others. Also, the neighborhood where you intend to take your car for repair can increase the prices. For instance, you can find that you will pay more for your window motor repair services in an upscale neighborhood.

Thus, if you are on a budget, make sure to shop around different repair shops until you find one within your budget. Shopping around can help you save hundreds of dollars.

Quality of work

If you go for a non-reputable service provider, you can receive a low quality of work. Low-quality work means you will pay more for future repairs and motor replacement. Thus, always pick a shop where you are sure the service providers will guarantee quality work.

A quality job can mean you will not have to invest in future repair costs. The best shop will ensure they provide you with quality services at affordable prices.

What is the average cost of replacing your window motor?

If you know how to replace a window motor, you can choose to do it yourself. A do-it-yourself project ensures you save on labor charges. You will only need to buy the motor and other essential tools you may require.

When buying the motor, ensure that the one you pick corresponds with your model and the vehicle's year of production. Also, read the service manual for instructions on reassembling and assembling the doors.  

If you are following the DIY route, it can cost you between $40 and $150 or more, depending on the type of motor you buy. However, you will get to save on labor costs.

You will also need to buy the repair tools if you do not have them. Purchasing the repair tools, such as a screwdriver, will also increase the overall repair costs.

What is the average cost of using a mechanic to repair your window motor?

If you do not know how to repair your window motor, it is best to use the service of a mechanic. Some of the best mechanics available have the necessary skills to ensure your car window motor repair happens smoothly.

Repairing a window motor can take the mechanic between 1.5 to 3 hours. You will find that different shops charge varying costs for the repair services. If you are on a budget, your local and small garage can be favorable compared to a dealership.

The rate of most mechanics is between $100 and $120 per hour. You should expect to pay more if you choose a dealership. If your motor repair job is three-hour work, you can pay more than $200 at a dealership for labor.

If you go to your local mechanic, the entire window motor repair may cost you an average of $200 to $300, depending on the car's make and model. However, remember that the labor time used is only an average. Some car models' labor time may exceed a five-hour range. Thus, expect the labor price also to increase significantly.


Several factors impact the costs of a car window motor repair. The prices may rise or lower depending on your car's model, mechanic, part, location, or the type of problem. The primary thing you need to do while deciding to repair your motor is to set a budget. From there, determine what level of service you need and the part's quality before you acquire the repair services.

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