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What Is a Steering Knuckle Assembly?

Published by: Nathan
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In an automotive vehicle, several important parts play a critical role to make your vehicle move or function properly. These automotive parts are used in almost all vehicles to keep them running.

This article about knuckle assembly will talk about the most important things you need to know about this part of your vehicle.

The blog post will start from the basics of steering knuckle assembly and will go up to how it functions and when it needs a replacement. Towards the end of this blog post, you will be able to have a good grip on the important know-how of the steering knuckle assembly.

So, keep reading to have a greater insight into your vehicle's steering knuckle assembly!

What Is a Steering Knuckle Assembly?

Similar to any other part of an automotive vehicle, steering knuckle assembly is also an important part that plays a vital role in the assembly of your vehicle. Steering knuckle assembly refers to the spindle or the wheel hub of your car. It helps to attach the suspension and steering aspects of your vehicle. In some models of different vehicles, the steering knuckle assembly is responsible for connecting the strut assembly with the lower joint.

It is also called the wheel carrier or the upright because of the functions it performs. The steering knuckle is the last part of the steering system and is highly functional during the operation of high-stress situations.

Where Is the Steering Knuckle Assembly Located?

Steering knuckle assembly is a bulky piece made up of steel alloy along with various extending arms fixed behind the front wheels of your vehicle. The caliper of the disc brake is also located at the knuckle assembly.

Every front wheel has one of the steering knuckles attached to it and it is used to turn the wheel of your car whenever you are turning the steering. So, it is analyzed that the steering knuckle controls the movement and direction of the steering wheel following the tires.

Is Steering Knuckle Important While Changing the Direction Of Your Vehicle?

Yes, the steering knuckle is immensely important for a vehicle!

The upper and the lower parts of the steering knuckle are strung by the suspension system. These attachments are joined by the fulcrums known as joint balls. These ball joints make the left-right movement of the knuckle possible making the functions of steering smooth.

They further help to keep the angle of the knuckle vertical and the extended arms of the knuckle steering are connected to the tie rod for further functions.

This rod helps to move the arm forward or backward as per the movement of the steering of your car. These rods are available on both; the left and right sides of the car. So one lateral arm makes the inward movement, and the other one does the opposite (outward movement).

Is A Broken Steering Knuckle Assembly A Problem?

Steering knuckle assembly is the strongest part of your vehicle as it does not break easily. Hence, it lasts till the life of your vehicle. But any severe accident or jerk can damage the knuckle steering of your car. So, if the steering knuckle of your vehicle is broken it will disturb the balance of your vehicle and lead to a bad drive.

Although driving with a broken steering knuckle is possible, you should avoid that because it can cause further damage to your car and make your drive dangerous.

Following are the few things that can go in a bad direction if you drive with a broken steering knuckle.

  • Damaged steering knuckles can put stress on the ball joints which could further break the ball joints.
  • The alignment of your wheels would be disturbed.

What Happens If Ball Joints Break?

If a broken steering knuckle leads to the breakage of the ball joint it would immediately make your vehicle disable and disbalance. Therefore, it would become really difficult for you to move the steering of your car. This is a sign of great danger as it can cause severe accidents. Hence, you should immediately rush to your automotive advisor to get the broken steering knuckle fixed.

The professional advisors suggest you never drive your car with any broken parts and the same goes for the steering knuckle assembly.

How To Identify a Bad Steering Knuckle?

It is highly important to get your car inspected periodically to identify any sort of fault in the automotive parts. But it is not important every time to get your car lifted and find out the fault.

There are some symptoms to identify the broken steering knuckle, which are discussed ahead in the blog post.

  • One of the front wheels of your vehicle gets tilted.
  • The squeaky noise occurs while turning the steering.
  • The vehicle is pressurized at one side; either left or right.
  • The steering wheel gets bent while driving straight.
  • The vehicle moves to one side while driving straight.
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel.
  • Uneven tire wears

These symptoms show that there is something wrong with your car’s steering knuckle assembly so it is advised for you to pay a visit to your automotive advisor as soon as possible to avoid any big damage or accident.

How To Cater a Broken Steering Knuckle?

The only treatment that a broken steering knuckle assembly needs is the replacement of the part. Driving with a broken part gets very dangerous as it could cause several deadly accidents so it is ideal for you to immediately get it replaced. But in some rare cases when the damage is minor, you can get the welding of that part done.

Tips For the Maintenance of Steering Knuckle Assembly

It is highly important to keep your vehicle maintained to avoid sudden breakage of the parts. You should get your vehicles periodically checked by your automotive advisor. Keep reading the article to have an insight into the maintenance of steering knuckle assembly and to avoid future inconvenience.

It is necessary to have your car checked every year to analyze the alignment and to make sure it is in place. It is also important to get the alignment checked because the broken steering knuckle assembly directly affects the alignment of your vehicle.

The maintenance of the front wheel bearing on a timely basis is also important because a maintained front wheel bearing protects the steering knuckle from big damage.

You should check your bearings after every 2 years or after every 40,000 kilometers of the drive. After each of these conditions, your bearing should be cleaned, checked, and fitted back with a clean new lubricant for smooth functionality.

The seals of the wheels of your car should also be changed after every service of the bearings. All these things should be done by an expert mechanic to avoid any faulty repair.

When Is It Important to Replace Your Car’s Steering Knuckle?

The steering knuckle is made up of strong material, such as high-quality steel alloys to avoid any breakage. They can bear the stress and force. Hence, it does not require a replacement until a few serious damages occur. Some of these serious damages are mentioned below:

  • Rust on the steering knuckle
  • Apparent damage after your car met an accident or a jerk.
  • Wheel bearing getting stuck somewhere

What Is the Importance of Steering Knuckle Assembly For Your Vehicle?

Steering knuckle assembly is one of the most important parts of the car that enables your car to move. It is known to be the pivot point of the suspension system, steering, and assembly. It enables the movement of wheels and the suspension arms motion. Hence, it is claimed to be the most important part of the car after an engine.

Cost To Replace Your Car’s Steering Knuckle Assembly

The cost of the steering knuckle is between $45 to $910. In addition to this, the charges of labor are also added to the total cost. However, the charges for the labor and the part vary according to the model, quality, brand, and manufacturer.

The labor cost is estimated to be between $169 to $214. It is a critical replacement that cannot afford any sort of fault. Hence, the labor charges are a bit higher due to the efforts and the time required for the replacement.

Wrap Up

It is important to keep all the parts of your car intact. And to make it possible you need to have frequent visits to a professional mechanic. Maintenance of the vehicle is as important as driving it safely.

Just like any other part, steering knuckle assembly is the most crucial part of your car as it controls the direction of your car so it is highly suggested that you keep its maintenance as a priority to have a proper automotive system for your vehicle. If you notice any of the above-discussed symptoms in your car, go and visit your mechanic right away. Once you have all the parts of your car maintained, you are okay to drive your car properly!

Have a safe drive!

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