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Why Ford F150 Blower Motor Not Working?

Published by: Jack
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Cooling and heating your car is one of the best luxuries in modern vehicles. This is great for tackling different kinds of seasons. While the two functions performed here are the opposite, the part of the car needed to complete the function is the same.  

The blower motor in the ford f150 is an integral part of the car's air conditioning system. Because of this blower motor, the hot or cold air can be blown out of the vents. If your car's blower motor is not working correctly, the AC system of your vehicle will not work. No air will come out of the vents when you turn on the AC.

There could be several causes behind the malfunctioning of your blower motors, such as a blown-out fuse or a broken wire. If you are facing this issue with your ford f150 vehicle, keep reading to know more about why your ford f150 blower motor is not working.

What Is a Blower Motor?

A blower motor is a high-powered fan installed in your car that is responsible for pushing the air through the vent. The hot air comes from the heater and the cold one from the AC, but the blower motor pushes the air out through the vents in both cases.

There are two different types of blower motors available. One comes in a variable-speed system, and the other in a three or four-speed system. The latter system means that the blower motor can run at three or four different speeds that have been predetermined. The variable speed blower will keep changing the speed of the air being blown out constantly.

You must know the kind of blower installed in your ford f150 car because different issues only occur with different and specific blower motors. Generally, vehicles with automatic climate control have variable motor systems, while the rest have a three- or four-speed motor system.

Now that you understand the dynamics of the blower motor in your car let's understand why the blower motor in your vehicle might not be working. As for relevant info, please check at What is a blower motor on a car

Reasons For the Blower Motor Not Working Properly

There could be a few different reasons why your blower motor is not working correctly. The malfunctioning can be due to a bad fuse, a bad ground connection, a bad speed control module, a failed motor, and a few more.

Let's take a detailed look at why your blower motor might not work correctly.

The Fuse Has Gone Bad

One of the reasons your blower motor is not working at all or at different speeds could be that the fuse inside has gone bad or blown up. The fuse is a small wire in the connector that ensures no extra surge in electricity will burn the blower motor. It keeps the current in check.

If the fuse is blown up, it is better for your car than the entire motor. If the fuse is damaged, the circuit that provides the current to your blower motor is stopped, and it won't work as the motor needs the power to function.

You can mostly find the fuse in the fuse box under the hood or the fuse panel under the dash. Locate the fuse connected to your blower motor, and you can replace it with a new one. That will fix the entire problem.

Check the blower motor fuse and the HVAC controller fuse because the motor can stop working if any of these fuses are not working. If the fuse works correctly, you must dig deeper into the issue.

Use a fuse puller or pliers to pull the fuse out of the setup. Hold it in light and check the metal strip. If the metal strip in the middle is torn apart, the fuse is blown. Otherwise, the fuse is fine, and the motor has another issue.

Make sure to replace the fuse with the same amp number, which is indicated by the color of the fuse. So, buy one the same color as the previously installed fuse.

The Relay Has Gone Bad

There is another thing you should check, which is tied to the bad fuse. The bad relays are just more oversized fuses. Relays are electromagnetic switches with fuses that turn the electrical load on and off. They could be the cause of your blower motor not working as well.

They are generally not the issue when the blower motor is not working on just one of the speeds, as high and low speeds have their relays. However, if the motor is not working speedily, you might also want to look at the relays. It is possible that both the relays got faulty at the same time. Relays could go bad from too much heat in the system. You can check the relays quickly while checking the fuses.

The first step is to find out where the relay is located in your specific model of ford f150. You can check the manual for your car as the location is usually mentioned in the instructions in your vehicle. Generally, the relays are located under the steering wheels on the left side or in the engine compartment. You can check whether the relays are working fine by replacing them with a new relay. Make sure to disconnect the battery before you begin the replacement process.

Another thing to remember is to use the relay with the same amp rating as the already installed one. Vehicles with auto climate control settings might not be any relays present.  

The Resistor or Control Module Is Faulty

The resistor installed with the blower motor controls the motor's speed by controlling the current going to it. When you increase or decrease the fan's speed in your AC, the climate control unit indicates the resistor to increase or decrease the current flow to the blower motor according to the situation. If there is a fault in the resistor module, your motor can stop working.

You can usually find the resistor under the dashboard of the passenger side near the blower motor. If the internal components have been struggling to operate, the blower motor can cause the system to heat up and burn the resistor. So, it is recommended that you replace the blower motor if it is old, along with replacing the resistor.

The blower motor may still work even after the resistor has gone bad, but it may be stuck on one fan speed or keep running at a high speed only. However, if the issue with the resistor is caused by overheating the system, the blower motor may also stop functioning.

The Blower Motor Is Faulty

When you turn on the AC fan in your car and the airflow does not come out of the vents or is inconsistent, this could be a sign that the blower motor is broken. The blower motor can stop functioning at any time without warning. However, there are signs and warnings before the motor goes completely bad.

You may hear whirring noises from behind the dashboard when you turn on the AC, the airflow may be inconsistent, or you may even smell a burning odor when you set the fan speed too high.

There is no requirement for the maintenance of the blower motor. It can last you for more than ten years even. The damage depends on internal conditions like overheating, lack of moisture or lubrication, and other issues. You do not have to replace it when the car undergoes regular maintenance or checkups.

The Wire or Connector Is Broken

If a wire is broken in the system, it can cause the blower motor to stop working correctly. The wire or the connector from the fuse box, climate control unit, the motor itself, or the resistor may have gone bad or broken down. This can lead to the motor not working correctly.

Rodents and mice habitually get into the car or under the hood and chew off the wire and insulation above them. Check the wires carefully in the system to see any bite marks. If you see this, examine the rest of the area to know where the wire has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

The blower motor can malfunction even if one of the wires is broken and not connected to the system. All the disconnected or broken wires need to be changed to ones that are functioning.

For problems caused by connector failure, please refer to Why Dodge Ram blower motor not working, and The reason Mercedes Benz blower motor not working


The damage to the blower motor can be caused by any of the issues mentioned above or others. Make sure to go through the entire list carefully and check the symptoms against the one your car is showing. Take corrective action after doing the examination. You can take the car to the mechanic for servicing as well.

Remember to examine all the causes calmly and not rush through the process. Have all the tools ready if you are examining it yourself. Even if you are not doing it yourself, knowing the cause can save time and hassle. So, take notes.

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