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About Blower Motor: 
The blower motor is a specialized component or the electrical device attached to most cars' fans,  it works in harmony with the other components of the assembly. 
This motor is responsible for circulating hot and cold air throughout the vehicle. It pushes the heated or cooled air through the dashboard vents according to the set climate system and the fan's speed.This tiny motor is of great value because your drive goes well if it goes well. Suppose you drive in an area with intense climatic conditions; if your car blower motor becomes faulty, you can face an uncomfortable situation. 

Reasons For the Blower Motor Not Working Properly:  

  • The fuse has gone bad
  • The relay has gone bad
  • The resistor or control module is faulty
  • The blower motor is faulty
  • The wire or connector is broken 

About Us: 
The purpose of A-Premium’s life is to build a framework that makes auto repairs predictable. We provide 24/7 service time, great product quality, 90 days free return, 3 years warranty. We always believe that your shopping experience matters a lot.  

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