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The vehicle can never be safe and sound on the road without the drivetrain system. And the clutch is the indispensable element of the drivetrain system.

Parts of the clutch

The car clutch facilitates the engagement and disengagement of power transmission between the engine and the transmission. This critical function empowers drivers to control power flow, enabling smooth gear changes and stopping the vehicle without turning off the engine.

Specifically, when the driver releases the clutch pedal, the pressure plate clamps the clutch disc against the flywheel, seamlessly transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. Conversely, when the driver presses the clutch pedal, the pressure plate releases the clutch disc, interrupting the power flow and allowing for gear changes or bringing the vehicle to a stop.

To undertake such a task, the clutch consists of several key parts, including the clutch disc, flywheel, pressure plate, clutch release bearing, clutch fork, clutch master cylinder, and clutch slave cylinder.

cluth diagram

How does the car clutch work?

The clutch system facilitates the transfer of engine power to the gearbox and allows for the interruption of transmission when initiating movement from a stationary position or shifting gears while in motion. Most cars employ a friction clutch, operated either by a hydraulic system or, more commonly, a cable.

When the vehicle is under power, the clutch is engaged. A pressure plate, connected to the flywheel via a diaphragm spring or, in earlier models, a series of coil springs, exerts a constant force on the driven plate.

The driven plate transmits power to the gearbox through a spline input shaft. It is equipped with friction linings on both faces, similar to brake linings, ensuring smooth power transfer when the clutch is engaged.

Upon disengagement of the clutch (depression of the pedal), an arm pushes a release bearing against the center of the diaphragm spring, releasing the clamping force. The outer portion of the pressure plate, featuring a substantial friction surface, no longer clamps the driven plate to the flywheel, thereby interrupting power transmission and enabling gear changes.

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