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Power Steering Hose

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About Power Steering Hose:

Power steering hoses connect the steering pump and the reservoir to help the steering system works. Hoses carry the power steering fluid from the reservoir to the steering box and recirculate it back to the reservoir. A power steering system has two types of hoses: a high-pressure hose and a low-pressure hose. The high-pressure hose is made from a reinforced synthetic compound, usually with a double-flared compression fitting. It is made to withstand high pressure and temperature between the power steering pump and steering box. The low-pressure hose may not use compression fittings because the temperature and pressure of power steering fluid in the low-pressure hose are not as high as in the high-pressure hose. It is necessary to check your power steering hoses regularly since the power steering fluid is highly flammable. A malfunctioned power steering hose can not only make your vehicle hard to steer but also be a hazard if the power steering fluid is left to leak on your motor.


Signs of a Power Steering Hose Failure: 

  • Vehicle becomes difficult to steer
  • Abrasion of Chafing
  • Bulging, Softness
  • Cracks, Holes


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