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How to Repair Windshield Wiper Motor

Published by: Jack
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The windshield wipers are crucial in ensuring the greatest possible on-road visibility. Most people don't give the windshield wiper motor much thought, even though it's vital to repair the windshield wiper motor frequently to keep the system in perfect working order.

A windshield wiper motor repair is a rather flimsy and delicate device compared to other auto parts, and it is prone to breaking down or just wearing out. There is both terrible news and good news if your windshield wipers quit functioning.

What is a Windshield Wiper Motor?

A little electric motor called the wiper motor controls the windscreen wipers. This electric motor is typically positioned on the firewall within your engine bay or under the cowl beneath your windscreen.

When the driver engages the wiper switch on the car, the wiper motor plugs into the wiring system and turns on. If your vehicle has a rain-sensing windshield, water will trigger the wiper motor to turn on automatically. The connections holding the wiper motor in place move along with the engine.

Purpose of Windshield Wiper Motor

The purpose of a windshield wiper motor is to clear a windshield of precipitation, snow, ice, and other foreign objects. These wipers are almost universally installed in motor vehicles, including cars, trains, boats with cabins, and airplanes.

They are frequently mandated by law. The wipers may only move at one speed, stop in the wrong spot, or not move at all, indicating that the windshield wiper motor isn't working correctly and it need mechanic attention or replacement.

Why my Wipers don't work?

The mechanic will first wants to determine whether there is any mechanical issue with wiper transmission with the motor circuit. When wiper switch is turned on, does the wiper motor operate, if not, produce any sound at all?

The linkage is a mechanical issue if the engine works or tries to run, but the wipers don't operate; see frequent problems below. An electrical issue exists if the switch is activated, but the motor doesn't move. More information is provided below.

Symptoms of faulty Windshield Wiper Motor

If a problem with the windshield wiper linkage is detected early and rectified, it can prevent the breakage of other parts, including the wiper motor. There are a few warning indications that will suggest that a problem with the linkage is starting to wear out.

· The Motor for the Wipers is Broken

A malfunctioning or shorted electrical motor inside the wiper may cause a windshield wiper not to operate. Your wipers won't operate at all as a result. Examine the engine; a loose wire in the circuit may exist.

While you can attempt changing any worn parts, windshield wiper motor repair may be the most straightforward course of action.

· The Sounds of the Wiper is Grinding

Last but not least, if you hear a grinding sound coming from your wiper blades as they move across your windshield, the linkage is probably to blame rather than the wiper blades themselves. This could happen if the wiper blade motor's gears are grinding because the blade arm is too tightly fastened to the wiper blade linkage. It may result in an early motor burnout if left unchecked.

· The Wipers on Your Windshield Are Moving Very Slowly

You can have dirt or other material caught somewhere if your windshield wipers are operating more slowly than usual. The motor for the windshield wipers may move slowly as a result, or it may even have to work harder than necessary. The engine will eventually fail as a result of all this work.

· Once they are turned on, your Wipes Start to jam

Your windshield wipers are set up to run repetitively. They should never stray from your windshield, and you can always rely on them to clean it when they rest. However, your wipers may be stuck in the middle of their cleaning job. Or possibly they are trapped because of a blockage in the middle.

How to Repair Windshield Wiper Motor

When you turn on the switch, if your windscreen wipers don't operate, there may be a problem with wiper motor and you should windshield wiper motor repair. It would help if you replaced it without waiting for bad weather.

Here are the steps to replace your wiper motor.

It would help if you first determined what you want to change. These motors come in various sizes.

1. Create a Work-Ready Vehicle

The negative battery cable from the terminal post on your car's battery must be removed first. This will prevent you from damaging or shocking yourself while working on your automobile's electrical system. It will also prevent your car from short-circuiting.

2. Remove Wiper Assembly

The motor and transmission are united to form the wiper assembly, which is how many contemporary wiper systems are constructed. Hence, after the engine and transmission are bolted together, the entire body is flown to the car.

You might have direct access to the wiper motor if your car is older; lucky you! But the entire assembly will need to be taken apart for the majority. Therefore that's the repair I talk about here.

  • The assembling procedure looks like this:
  • The motor electrical connector should be removed
  • Dispense with the assembly fasteners
  • Get rid of the assembly

3. Remove Wiper Motor

The wiper assembly is on the bench, making windshield wiper motor repair motor simply. A ball and socket link rod, a motor arm and fastener, and three motor fixing fasteners must typically be removed.

Keep in mind where the motor arm is located concerning the assembly because you should reinstall it there.

4. Replace the Wiper Motor

The new wiper motor's bolts should be inserted and tightened. The wiring harness should be connected precisely to the former wiper motor.

5. Transmitter Wiper Replacement

The ball joint and wiper transmission bar should be reattached.

6. Re-Insert the Wiper Grating Tray

Reinstall the wiper grating tray, and after that, the screws. Replace the screws' plastic cap covers next.

7. Reattach the Wiper Arms

Tighten the screws after reattaching the wiper arms. Make sure the mounting screws are covered before lowering the rubber boots on the components.

8. Reattach the Battery Cable

The terminal post on the car's negative battery cable must be reconnected. Check to verify if the fix was effective.

Testing the Windshield Wiper Motor

Your technician will top off your washer fluid and check the system's efficiency after windshield wiper motor repair. The motor could also need to be fixed or changed. The technician will examine this and all other fluid exit points to ensure no obstructions in the lines could obstruct the intended spray pattern.

To prevent residue from adhering to your windshield and wiper blades permanently, frequently clean them off with the washer fluid.

Is it Possible for me to Change my Wiper Motor by Myself?

If you have the necessary tools and are a proficient home mechanic with basic electrical knowledge, replacing a windscreen wiper motor like-for-like shouldn't be too difficult.

But if you're unsure about your ability to securely reach and remove the motor or the cowl where it's hidden, our skilled mechanics are prepared to fix the wipers without you having to leave your house.

Is the wiper motor in my windshield damaged?

If the wiper moves in jerks or jarring motions, the wiper motor may be failing. There's a good possibility that your wiper motor has finally failed if there is no movement and you can't hear any buzzing noises from the engine.

When the wiper blades stop moving and clearing your windscreen, it's far too simple to assume the faulty wiper motor. It's crucial to identify the problematic component accurately because it can be a blown a fuse, a damaged relay, or a bad switch.

What Happens If Your Windshield Wiper Motor Isn't Replaced?

Driving without adequately working windshield wipers is quite dangerous, even though they aren't directly related to how well your car will move around the road. Without the ability to clean the windshield, you risk having a vision obstruction that could cause an accident.

 If your position strongly depends on a clear windshield, you should make plans to have your windshield wiper motor repair as soon as you realize it is failing.

How much does it Cost to replace a Windshield Motor?

If you hire a mechanic, the total cost of the work, including the parts, should range from $125 to $425. If you were to windshield wiper motor repair it yourself and forego the mechanic, most parts would cost between $50 and $300, but if your automobile were an older model, be prepared to pay much more. Depending on the shop's hourly rate, labor should cost between $75 and $115 for an average job that lasts 0.8 hours.

Tips to keep in Mind

Remember where the wipers and linkage were installed before removing them, and then reinstall them in the exact location.

Before putting everything back together, it's a good idea to ensure the new wiper motor is working.


When compared to other auto parts, a windshield wiper is a very flimsy and delicate mechanism that is prone to malfunctioning or simply wearing out. If your windshield wipers fail to work, there is good news.  You can do your windshield wiper motor repair by yourself by following this simple guidance post.

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