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Why Dodge Ram Blower Motor Not Working?

Published by: Jack
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Many people drive Dodge Ram pickup trucks as they are robust and equipped with modern HVAC technology. Since these vehicles are preferred for both on and off-road adventures, it is necessary to maintain their inside temperature to a considerable level to make the driver comfortable behind the wheel. These automobiles are equipped with modern HVAC systems that use Didge Ram blower motors. The AC vents are heated or cooled by these blower motors, which are an essential part of the HVAC system in Ram. No air will come out of your Ram's vents if the blower motor fails to function properly because of a malfunction.

The most common causes for the failure of the blower motor in a Ram are a blown a fuse, a faulty relay, a failed resistor, or a malfunctioning control module. Nevertheless, the blower motor might also cease operating due to a defective electrical connection, damaged wire, or a flaw in the temperature unit. However, several customers have complained about dodge ram blower motor troubles. This article examines common causes and solutions for a blower motor in a Dodge Ram.

How Does the Blower Motor System of a Dodge Ram Operate?

It is essential to have a solid understanding of the operation of the air conditioning system before attempting to diagnose common blower motor issues with the Dodge Ram. Most customers only need to push a button to get a blast of cool air, but the system's inner workings may continue to be a mystery to them.

More in-depth with the process, to maintain the functionality of the air conditioning system, a coolant or refrigerant is cycled between its gaseous and liquid states. The air conditioner's compressor is the part that is considered to be the most crucial to its operation. It does this by transforming low-pressure coolant into a high-pressure gas, providing power to the air conditioning system.

When the coolant pressure is raised, the coolant temperature also rises, which is then transferred to the condenser.

Condensers are an important part of refrigeration systems because they help reduce the amount of heat the refrigerant absorbs. Reduced temperatures are necessary to allow the refrigerant to condense into a high-pressure liquid during this operation. This will happen when the refrigerant moves through the system.

The receiver dryer continues on its journey to the next stop. Dryers remove dust, moisture, and metal particles from high-pressure liquids before they may be used in the next step. A dry liquid expansion valve is employed when the dry refrigerant must be cooled further before being utilized to cool the interior of a vehicle. As a result, the rate of warming might be accelerated.

Liquid refrigerant from the compressor to the evaporator steadily gains heat and reaches roughly -32 degrees Celsius before changing into a gas. After the gas reaches the correct temperature, a fan blows air over the evaporator to cool it. This air will be sucked into the automobile. After the low-pressure gas has gone through the evaporator, the compressor resumes the cycle.

What Is the Best Way to Check the Blower's Motor?

It's necessary to keep a good check on the working of the blower motor to make sure it is operating perfectly fine. There are different ways to do it. In most cases, it's done by taking a voltage reading at the blower motor's connection while the unit runs. It's possible that the motor is defective or stuck even if power is supplied to it (at least 4-6 volts at low speed and 12 volts at high speed).

Dodge Rams Blower motor issues

Here are some typical problems that might arise with a Dodge Ram's Blower Motor System. For more detailed info, please refer to How do I know if my blower relay fuse is blown, and The reason Mercedes Benz blower motor not working

  1. There Is Absolutely No Gust of Chilly Blowing Motor

If you turn on the air conditioner in your Dodge Ram, but no cool air comes out of the vents, the evaporator is most likely to fault. This commonly occurs when the evaporator develops corrosion, which in turn causes the seals to fail, resulting in the evaporator's inability to evaporate coolant adequately.

  1. A Blower Motor That Makes a Lot of Noise

Second, up is the common blower motors noise problems. If you try turning on the Dodge Ram blower motor, it starts creating unusual noises. The issue is generally caused by the blower motor, which has probably acquired a defect. It is also conceivable that it may simply discontinue operating, which you will need to replace.

3. The Cessation of the Flow of Air During Acceleration

If you are speeding in your Dodge Ram and the air blower suddenly stops operating, the issue is most likely due to a vacuum pump leak somewhere in the vehicle. Most owners of Dodge Rams have claimed that the issue is most often brought on by problems with the vacuum pump line associated with cruise control. This was the most common explanation given.

4. Fuse for the AC Power Distribution Board Blown

The fuse of your AC power distribution board will also tell the story. Switch on the air conditioning in your Dodge Ram. If it does not turn on, the problem may be due to a malfunction with the AC fuse. If the fuse for the air conditioner has blown, the air conditioner will make a buzzing noise anytime it is switched on, but the room will not become any cooler as a result. This is one technique to determine whether or not the fuse has blown.

5. The Tremors Caused by The Alternating Current

When activated, the Dodge Ram's air conditioning system often causes the car to shake violently. Again, the most probable reason is a malfunction with the blower's driving motor. If repairing the blower motor does not resolve the issue, it is conceivable that a faulty mix air door is to blame.

6. Fuse Maybe Blown

Ram AC blower motor needs electricity to operate. When the fuse is faulty, it leaves behind the motor unusable.

Check the owner's manual, or you can check the cover of the fuse box of your Ram to determine the exact location of the blower motor fuse. Replace a blown fuse that meets the appropriate amp rating (it must be the same amps rating and color, of course)

To examine the fuse, you can remove it from the fuse box with the help of a fuse remover and let the light shine on it. The fuse has blown if the metal strip is fractured in the center.

Methods for Solving Blower Motor Issues with Dodge Rams

If you've noticed any of these difficulties with the air conditioning in your Dodge Ram, it is advisable to get your AC service as soon as possible if you don't want to be forced to endure the extreme heat while driving.

1. There is not even the smallest amount of air movement.

In case you don’t observe even the slightest movement of air inside your vehicle, you must drive your Dodge Ram to a nearby repair shop to have the evaporator or condenser repaired or replaced.

2. A disturbingly unbearably loud blower motor

A faulty blower motor may be fixed by using a reasonably simple procedure. To get access to the side of the car reserved for passengers, all you have to do from the driver's seat is take a quick look at where your feet are located. It is appropriate for the motor of the blower to take up residence in the space it is now using.

After you have successfully detached it from the device, the following step is to cut the cord attached to the device with caution. Then, remove it and replace it with the new one. Before you rejoin the wire, make sure that the new one is securely fastened by using the appropriate screws and checking that it is connected properly.

3. Stopping of Air Upon Acceleration

Third, to prevent airflow you should take your automobile to a service station instantly as you start driving faster so that the vacuum pump leak may be rectified there. It is far less difficult and dangerous than attempting to do it on your own for the first time.

4. A Flammable Connection Inside the Blower Motor

If your Dodge Ram's blower motor isn't working correctly, you should first check the air conditioner's fuse. You may locate the fuse for the air conditioner in the engine compartment. If you cannot locate the fuse, go to your vehicle's owner's handbook for guidance.

5. The Rattling of The Blower Motor Could Be Heard

As a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure, replacing the mixed air door on your own is not recommended. No matter how much it costs, at least you'll know that the job was done correctly and to your satisfaction.


Your Ram's AC blower motor might be at fault, and there are several possible reasons behind it.  When searching for an explanation, you should always start with the most apparent problem, a blown a fuse or defective relay. Having a blower that operates occasionally is a nuisance. Fortunately, it's a simple remedy that you can do right in your backyard. As long as you have the proper wiring and motor, your HVAC system should be up and running in no time. Laypeople should take their cars to a shop rather than attempt repairs on their own since they risk causing further damage, particularly to the electrical system. A qualified technician can quickly diagnose the problem.

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